How To Lay a Cushion Floor

Cushion flooring is growing in popularity among many households. If you love walking around the house barefoot, cushion flooring will work perfectly for you. This type of flooring is soft on the foot, and is resilient and quite pleasing to the eyes. Best of all, it essentially protects your furniture from the floor. Even if you happen to drop your favorite dish on the floor, chances are that the glass or the porcelain will not break easily. Here’s how you can install the cushion flooring.

  • Store away all the furniture. First of all, you will need to clear away the entire floor of the room that you will be working on. If you are planning on applying cushion flooring on the entire house, you should apply the cushion flooring by sections or by rooms. This way, you can place the furniture in one room while the other room is being prepared for cushion flooring. Usually, you will also need to unhinge the doors so that you can apply the cushion floor underneath the door.
  • Smooth the concrete floors. Generally, cushion flooring can be applied on all types of surfaces, whether wood, linoleum, or concrete. If you are laying the cushion floors on concrete, however, you need to make sure that the concrete floor has been smoothed off. If the concrete floor is rough and abrasive, it will be much more difficult to apply the adhesive that is supposed to keep the flooring in place. You can use a sanding machine to easily smooth concrete floors.
  • Roll out and measure the flooring. Next, measure the entire room and calculate how many sheets of cushion flooring you will need to cover the entire floor. You need to take into account the edges in the room, as well as the immovable fixtures which will require you to trim the cushion flooring to fit into the shape of the fixture. While doing this, unroll the cushion flooring so that it will lay flat when you begin laying the flooring.
  • Apply adhesive. Once you have prepared everything, the next step is to take a trowel and use it to apply the adhesive on the floor. You do not need to actually cover the entire floor with adhesive, since this will take up too much adhesive and may take a long time to dry. Also, some types of adhesives come with a strong smell and too much of the adhesive can make the room smell bad for a long time. All you need is to make sure that the edges of the cushion flooring will be covered with adhesive. Apply the trowel onto the floor where the edges of the cushion flooring will meet.
  • Use rollers. Once you have placed the adhesive, begin to unroll the cushion flooring into place and use rollers so that the cushion flooring will roll out evenly. These rollers can usually be rented out in hardware shops or in major retailing outlets such as Wal-Mart.

After you have rolled out the cushion flooring, allow the adhesive to dry for several hours. Trim the edges of the cushion flooring that overlap, and then return the furniture and the doors to their proper places.


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