How To Lay a Wooden Deck Floor

A wooden deck is a great way to increase the value of your home and add space where you can hang out, relax, and even cook the barbeque. If you decide to installer a wooden deck, one of the most important components is the deck flooring. Installing the deck flooring is quite easy. Here’s how.

  • Allow the wood to dry. First of all, you should make sure that the wood that you will use for planks is completely dry. Even the least bit of moisture inside the wood planks will make the wood quite unusable. When there is moisture in the wooden planks, they tend to warp and distend over time. During the time when you install the wooden planks, the planks may all look fines. but after a couple of days or weeks as the weather heats up and cools down the planks, the planks will begin to grow and shrink intermittently, ending up in cracks. As much as possible, you should schedule making the wooden deck floor during summer so that the wooden planks have a chance to dry.
  • Measure the planks. Next, take a tape measure and begin measuring the length of planks that you will need to use. If the wooden deck is very long, you will need to use up to three planks. Usually, long wooden decks have multiple joists to hold the planks in place. A plank should measure no more than five feet in length. Use a saw to cut the planks into the correct size.
  • Add pilot holes. After you have finished cutting and measuring the planks, you will need to use a small drill to create pilot holes on the surface of the wooden planks. The pilot holes will prevent the planks from cracking or breaking when you hammer the planks into place. Make sure that the pilot holes are drilled into the places where you will eventually place the nails to secure the wooden planks and the joists. Again, use a tape measure to determine where the pilot holes should be located, in relation to the joists.
  • Attach to the joists. After you have drilled in the pilot holes, it is time to actually place the wooden planks over the joists and the drive deck. Ask someone else to hold the other end of the plank as you begin to nail the plank into the joist securely. Make sure that you use penny nails to attach the planks into the joists and the wooden intersections. Any larger and the nails can split or crack the wood. Any smaller, and the nails may not be enough to keep the floors secure.
  • Nail into place. Once you have attached the initial plank, all you need is to keep connecting more planks to the wooden deck frame and attach these securely using nails. After you have finished attaching the entire wooden flooring for the deck, you can begin installing the railings and the staircase for the wooden deck.

With these steps, you should be able to easily attach deck flooring to the new extension of your home. Depending on the size of the deck that you are trying to cover with flooring, the entire project can last anywhere from just a couple of hours to an entire day.


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