How To Lay Boulders in Landscape

Landscaping does not only involve adding flowers and trees in your backyard. You will also need to use natural elements such as the shape of the ground, bodies of water, and even rocks and stones. One of the best elements that you can use to design your landscape is boulders. The problem with boulders, however, is that they are quite massive and can be very difficult to move. Here’s how you can lay boulders when you are designing and landscaping your backyard.

  • Designing. First of all, you should start your landscape design on a piece of paper. Doing this will allow you to streamline your actions. The last thing that you want is to find out that you placed the boulder in the wrong position. This is a very big mistake to make since it means that you will have to move the boulder all over again. Considering the size and the weight of the boulder, this can be very tiring. As early as on the paper designs, you should already know where you want to place the boulders, and what function the boulders are supposed to have.
  • Making walls. One of the basic functions that your boulders can have is to act as a natural wall to hedge your garden or your backyard in. there are some boulders that are tall and thin, so that you can actually use them as planks to guard your home in. all you need is to line up the boulders along the periphery of your backyard. Keep in mind, however, that you will need to determine exactly how many boulders you need before you buy them. You should probably inspect the boulders yourself, since boulders rarely come in a uniform size.
  • Centerpieces. Another function that a boulder can have for your landscape is to be centerpieces. As centerpieces, you can get several boulders of different shapes and sizes and arrange them decoratively in the center of your garden. You can also use the boulders as naturally plant accessories. You can choose a tall and straight boulder to support a growing plant, for instance, or you can place the boulder near crawling plants such as vines, so that they will have a surface where they can spread.
  • Cherry pickers. To move the boulders, you can attach a cherry picker to your truck and use the cherry picker to lift up the boulders. Simply place the cherry picker above the boulder, and then tie the boulder to the cherry picker. Afterwards, start moving the track to the location where you want to drop off the boulder. If you cannot use a cherry picker, you can also use winches to move the boulders.
  • Rolling. Naturally, there are some places where a winch or a cherry picker cannot penetrate. If you are moving the boulder to a part of your garden which is very narrow or has uneven ground, you can use a piece of lumber to roll the boulder into place. Simply use the lumber stick as a handle to pry the boulder starting from the bottom and move it into its new location.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to lay the boulders anywhere you want in your garden, and use it for improving the landscape design.


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