How To Lay Brick Paving Stones

There is nothing quite as classy as a pavement or driveway that is covered with brick paving stones. Brick paving stones may look easy to install, because they are not held in place with concrete, but it actually takes several steps to properly lay the brick paving stones. Here are some steps that you need to follow to be able to place brick paving stones in your driveway.

  • Add edging. First of all, you will need to secure the length of the area that you will cover with brick paving stones with edging. The edging is simply a piece of wood that will keep the sand and the gravel in place. It will essentially box in the paving stones and the underlying gravel and sand. Otherwise, the sand will flow out without the edging. You will simply need to take wooden planks and cut them into strips that are tall enough to cover the thickness of the bricks and the six inches of gravel and sand. Therefore, the strips should be approximately nine inches tall. Use stakes to support the edging all around the perimeter.
  • Add the gravel and the sand. Once you have finished adding the edging, your next step is to add in the gravel into the area that has been sealed off with the edging. The gravel should be approximately four to five inches in thickness. You can use as shovel to put the gravel in and then use a rake to flatten the gravel. After you have filled the area with gravel, the next step is to add in some sand. The sand should be at least three inches thick. Make sure that you purchase extra sand, since sand tends to get into the holes in the gravel. The sand will act as the cushion that will support the paving stones. The gravel will keep the sand from moving.
  • Lay the bricks. Once the ground is prepared, the next step is to add in the bricks. Make sure that you consider the direction of the bricks, which should usually be at the same direction as the sunlight. Also keep the brick pattern in mind. There are some brick pieces that have rather complex patterns that are designed to keep the bricks from moving. Although these are a bit more difficult to install, they are usually more secure and more stable in the long run.
  • Fix the bricks into place. After you have laid the bricks in place, the next step is to run a plate vibrator all over the bricks. Plate vibrators can be rented in most hardware shops .what these do is use vibration to sink the bricks into the sand so that the bricks will be kept in place by the sand.
  • Sweep through the bricks. After you have run the plate vibrator through the entire brick work, the final step is to use a good old broom stick to remove the excess sand that may have become displaced as you were using the plate vibrator.

With these steps, you should be able to create a fancy driveway covered with brick paving stones. Ask a friend to help you out in laying the bricks, so that you will be able to finish the project more quickly.


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