How To Lay Decking

If you’re looking to tile your deck all over again or you are planning on building a new deck there are a few things you need to do prior to actually tile the deck.  First you are going to want to clean the old deck with a hose and a broom.  Make sure you get all the dirt off and let it completely dry.  Once you’ve done that you can now move on to the next part.

Remove your old deck tiles; if you’re going the route of placing down all new tiles then its best to remove all the old stuff first instead of removing a few and then laying down new and then going back to the old.  Get one thing done first and then move to the next step.  Once you have your old tile taken away, lay down your new tile without attaching it.  This way you can make a decision on where to make cuts in the tile to make it look a bit more professional.

This is also the place where you can add any decorative tile that’s different from the actual tile.  Decide any pattern you may want to place and work it into the tile.  Then once it’s all laid out you can make your cuts and get it all set and ready to roll.   Now that you have it all ready to go you will want to add about a half-inch deep mortar on top of the gutting of the deck.  Once you’ve done this you can place the tiles into the mortar itself.  Make sure you place it evenly and apply even pressure to make it stick.

Once you’ve got your mortar set let it dry.  Walk away and think about anything but the deck tiles.  Once it’s set and cured you can then mix your grout.  Start small, work one little area and then move outwards.  Make sure you work your grout into the spaces between your tiles so that your tile will stick firmly in place and not float around.  Once you’ve got your grout laid, scrape off any excess that may be on the surface of your tiles.

Now that you have your grout laid out on your tile and it looks good you will want to lay a wet towel or some other wet article upon the tiles and then use a flat surface to drag the towel towards you so that the grout and tile is smooth as can be.  Once you have done this then you can use a sponge or a damp mop and clean the remaining grout off and polish as well the new tile.  Once you think you have it all make sure all debris is gone and let your tile set for a couple of days.  This way your tile will have time to set and it won’t get messed up later.


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