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So, you have been trying to grow grass in your yard for the last few years. Each time summer passes and a winter comes around you hope that spring will bring a green, plush lawn. But, it never seems to happen. If this reminds you of your yard, then you might want to look into an alternative, and lay new sod. This way you can start all over with a healthy yard and become the envy of all your neighbors.

Step 1

Remove old grass. First, you need to kill or remove all the old grass. Make sure you have killed all the weeds that were part of the old yard so that nothing begins to grow back.

Step 2

Prepare for new sod. Once you notice that the old grass is gone and never coming back, you can begin to prep for the new sod. Even though it's not necessary, you may want to buy some starter fertilizer to place over the ground. This will help ensure the growth of the new sod. Be sure to spread the fertilizer evenly around the ground. 

Step 3

Rake the ground so it's even. Once you have spread the fertilizer around, you will need to rake the ground evenly. Be sure that the ground is even and about an inch lower than the surroundings such as the sidewalk or driveway. This is because the sod will be about an inch thick so it will be even with the rest of the surroundings.

Step 4

Buy the sod. Now you are ready to purchase the sod. Decide what type of sod you are looking for. It is important to ask an expert about what type of sod will grow best in your region. Once you know what type of sod will work best, you will then need to preview the sod available. Be sure to buy sod that is new and can be delivered immediately. Look at the soil underneath and make sure it is dark brown and not dried out.

Step 5

Lay the sod. As soon as the sod arrives at your house, you will want to lay it within 24 hours. This will ensure that the sod is still healthy and can begin growing immediately. You will want to lay the pieces of sod as close together as possible, and do not leave any gaps. Continue this process until you are happy with the look.

Step 6

Water the sod. Once you have your new yard, you will need to nurture it. You should not have to put any chemicals down, but just be sure to water the sod everyday--especially on a hot, dry day. You should start to see the sod pieces come together as one yard over the next couple of weeks.

Remember that you do not have to put up with that difficult, ugly yard. In a few easy steps you can have a nice, green yard that will make all of your neighbors jealous.

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