How To Lay Wood Laminate Floor

Installing wood laminate flooring is an easy process.  Wood laminate flooring has many added values including an attractive appearance, easy to maintain, and wears well in high traffic areas.  These step by step instructions will guide you through the laminate flooring installation process.

  1. Measure the room square footage where you wish to put the laminate flooring.
  2. Pick out your laminate flooring.  There are many brands and colors.  A majority of the wood laminate flooring available today is "no glue" snap together flooring.   Always buy 10% overage of the square footage you will need.   Once you have picked out your laminate flooring, choose a matching quarter-round.  Quarter-round is used to cover the gap that is required between the wood laminate floor and the wall. Next, choose an underlayment.  An underlayment can help give your laminate floor different sound qualities and protect your existing sub-floor.  Most underlayments are made of a thick plastic and a thin foam material.
  3. Purchase your laminate flooring and related materials.  Allow the wood laminate flooring to acclimate to the room you are installing it in for 48 hours.
  4. Gather the tools required for the installation of the wood laminate flooring.  Generally, you will need a table saw, a spacer bar or pull bar, spacers, a mallet or hammer, and a tape measure.
  5. Prepare your existing sub-floor.  Remove the floor currently in the room to assure a clean base floor. Existing linoleum may remain, but carpet and tile will have to be removed.  Apply the underlayment onto your existing floor.
  6. Beginning in a corner of the room, begin the installation of the wood laminate floor.  Apply spacers between the wall and the wood laminate flooring.  Spacers leave the gap that is required for the wood laminate floor to "float" and for the expansion and contraction of the wood laminate floor.  Start with a full sheet of wood laminate flooring, a half sheet of wood laminate flooring, and a quarter sheet of wood laminate flooring.  This is your alternating pattern.  Lay the wood laminate flooring in the full, half, quarter pattern until you reach the end of the row.  At the end of the row you will need a different measurement for the last piece of wood laminate flooring.  Take the measurement and cut with a table saw.  Begin your second row and consecutive rows following the pattern and substituting when necessary for the odd measured piece.  By following this pattern, it will help to eliminate unnecessary waste of wood laminate flooring.
  7. Once you are finished installing the wood laminate floor, install the quarter-round.  The quarter round should be installed in the 1/4" gap between the floor and the baseboard.
  8. Clean your wood laminate floor prior to moving all furniture back into the room.


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