How To Live in a Tree House

For the lucky ones when they were young, many have experienced having a tree house for a playground. Adventurous parents provide these avenues for “fun” and “development” to highly influence not just the creativity of the child, but also the ability to be more adventurous, and most importantly, to be aware in being cautious in all you do, at all times. And indeed, almost all the children who have grown up with the experience of having a tree house as their playground have become more adventurous, fun yet cautious as they grow into adulthood. These are all the wonderful benefits of having a tree house for a playground for the young.

Having mentioned the many advantages of having a tree house for a playground, many people have gone a notch higher – and that is having a tree house, for a home. A lot of people have tried and have actually been successful in making this a reality. Should you be one of the people who aspire to build a tree house for a home, then read on through the following steps.

  1. Pick your foundation. Trees are living things of different magnitudes. Some trees are tall, some short, and some fat and wide, some thin and narrow. Since your objective is to build a house and live on a tree with your family, it is best to choose the strongest, sturdiest and widest of trees. The tree, being the foundation of your home, will have to meet the standards, depending on many aspects including the number of family members, the weight of your equipments and furniture, etc. It is also wise to consult with a tree specialist to understand more about the different scientific aspects relating to the tree of your choice. The more information you have, the better decisions you can make towards the development of your tree house in the most productive and safest manner.
  2. Design around. Once you have made sure about the tree, consult with an architect who understands your wants and needs regarding the planning and building of your tree house. It is better to have your architect meet with the tree specialist so they can exchange professional opinions and advices for the ultimate purpose of ensuring your family’s safety – and the tree’s. Remember that you have to take extra care of the tree since it will be your home’s strength and foundation.
  3. Study. With the use of a living thing for a foundation and other things related to building a home, you have to invest an important allocation of time and resources to learn and understand the demographics and biology of a tree. Since it is a living thing, it requires special kind of care and treatment. Be aware of all the possibilities and be prepared for any kind of potential mishaps. With this adventurous move, your mind and preparation should be more adventurous – always ensuring that you are 10 steps ahead.
  4. Above average. Living in a tree is not at all average. With this comes above average obligations – one of which is getting the necessary permits related to building a house on a tree and making a home out of it; another one would be above average plumbing that usually damage the trees; and the most important, is the above average security that you have to plan and implement in order to protect your loved ones, and yourself. In all you do, make sure that you have thought about and dealt with all the bases that needs to be covered. Good luck and have fun!


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