How To Load Nails in a Nail Gun

Your hammer has probably served you for many years. With the advent of nail guns, however, the old hammer can now be replaced with more appropriate tools for big carpentry jobs that require power and efficiency. With a nail gun, you do not only make tasks a lot easier, but faster to complete as well.

Because the nail gun is electricity-operated, you no longer need to exert effort just to press a nail down into a surface.  All you need to do is to load nails into the gun. Once your device is empty, simply reload again. There is no need to worry if you have never loaded nails into a nail gun. Here are the steps that you need to get the job done.

  1. Switch off the nail gun before starting the nail reloading process. You do not want to reload the gun while at risk of being electrocuted with the exposed wires in the gun.
  2. Not all nail guns operate the same way. Although there are basic steps that apply to all types of nail guns in the process of reloading, it is still best for you to consult the user manual to find out if there are specific instructions when it comes to operating and loading the nail gun.
  3. Get a clip of nails, which contains the nails that the gun will be refilled with. It is always important to get a clip that is fits your particular nail gun appropriately.
  4. Place the clip in line with the nail gun sleeve, so that the heads of the nails point to the barrel.
  5. At the bottom of the sleeve, you will find a notch. Slide the clip carefully onto the notch.
  6. Hold the nail gun in an upside down position. Allow the clip of nails to fall to the end of the sleeve.
  7. Look for the button for the spring mechanism, which is found on the sleeve. Hold the button to slide the spring mechanism into position. It should pass the nails that are found in the clip.
  8. Wait for the gun to emit a click sound as you are sliding the spring mechanism button towards the nails. The sound will tell you that the spring mechanism has already reached its proper place. Be sure to listen for the sound, since it is this mechanism which feeds the nail gun with nails during carpentry work and actual nail gun use. If not done correctly, the spring mechanism can lock itself which will prevent the nails from being fired.
  9. You are now ready to use your nail gun for whatever carpentry project you have. Use the nail gun in your carpentry projects and simply repeat the process whenever you run out of nails.

Loading nails into a nail gun will not take much of your time. During your actual work, you will save more time with a tool that only needs to be pressed in order to get a nail onto the piece you are working on. In the end, the effort spent for loading a nail gun is nothing compared to the effort of working on each individual nail with your hand and hammer.


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