How To Locate a Plant Nursery Near You

Nurseries grow plants in greenhouses specially designed to protect the seedlings from the elements. There are many different kinds of plant nurseries specializing in different types of plants.

Retail nurseries sell plants in small quantities to the public. Wholesale nurseries will only sell to commercial gardeners and other nurseries.

  1. Know your hardiness zone. Hardiness zone defines the area in which certain plants can grow and continue to grow during the area's minimum temperature. For example a plant is hardy to zone 10 means that the plant can thrive during a minimum temperature of -1° C (negative one degree Celsius).
  2. You can do a physical search, finding nursery addresses from the phone book, classified sections of newspapers and garden-inspired magazines. You can drive around if you have time to visit local nurseries and see what types of plants they have.
  3. Talk to a landscape gardener. He can point you to the right direction.
  4. Do an online search. You can make better comparison, get background information on the plants, see their actual pictures and get to know their scientific and common names.

To start you off, below is a short list of notable websites to visit.

Garden Guides. This site has a comprehensive directory listing of local garden and plant nurseries (about 22,000) for each US state. It shows a list of top 5 nurseries in each state and a link to all nurseries listed in their site with an interactive map of the general location. The list provides the name of the nursery, its address and phone numbers.

Garden Guides also provides a list of other nurseries in other cities nearby within each state whenever possible. Links are provided if you want to know more about a particular plant.

Plant Native. Plant Native website provides a listing of native plant nurseries from Alabama to Wyoming. The site includes a listing of native plants with common names, scientific name, sun and soil moisture requirements and other helpful details. Residential and commercial landscapers will benefit largely from this site.

Another online plant nursery directory worth checking is Nurseries Online. The site contains a list of wholesale and retail nurseries across the United States. It also has a directory of plants (native, imported and rare) which are available in specific nurseries across the US including specific nursery websites. Check out some interesting information they provide about selected plants and blooms and their instructional materials.

There are numerous nurseries that sell online. One of those is Greenwood Nursery. This is an online shop for a variety of garden plants, from fruiting plants to trees, to garden plants, and gardening supplies. Their selection is broken down into categories such as butterfly garden plants, fragrant garden plants, rock garden plants and so on. You can view detailed description of the plant as well as growth rate, sun requirement, plant group, plant zone and size at maturity with a mouse click. Also included are growing tips, and uses of the plant.

Stargazer Perennials is a farm and nursery that grows all their plants organically. If you want pesticide-free plants, then this nursery is for you.

Doing research onsite and online allows you to make better plant selection and plan your garden wisely.  Plant nurseries abound. Finding the right plant nursery near you involves some ingenuity and patience. After all, having a beautiful garden will be your source of pride and joy.


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