How To Maintain a Dense Hedge by Pruning

Looking after plants can be an enjoyable chore. You need to give them enough water and enough sunlight to keep them fresh and full of life. Maintaining a hedge, however, can be quite time consuming. A hedge has to be pruned properly in order to have a good aesthetic appeal. Try to keep the tips below in mind when pruning your hedge.

  1. Purchase the best pruning tools you can get your hands on. Get ones that are made of high quality steel to give you a better and smoother cut. Get the recommendation of a gardening expert or just anyone at the gardening shop. You need pruners, loppers and shears. Use the right shears to remove stray branches and leaves.
  2. Get a pair of thick gloves that are comfortable for pruning. You will also need a ladder. If you want to be really careful, get safety glasses. Small branches can go into your eyes and cause intensive damage to your sight.
  3. You should also consider the time of the year on when to prune. Some hedges are better pruned when bare for you can see everything. It would be like looking at an Xray film of your plant. You can immediately see which branches to cut and see the state of your hedge. Also, you probably have to wait a year before you start pruning after the initial planting. It avoids irregular growth.
  4. Do not prune when the hedge starts to bloom. Do it before it happens for example Springtime. It really depends on when your hedge is not in its blossoming state.
  5. Some of you may think that just taking off the branches on top of the hedge will keep your hedge healthy. That is so wrong. What happens is you would not be able to keep the inside of your hedge healthy.
  6. Shaping your hedge in a way that the top is wider than the base can cause early death for your plant. The sunlight can only reach the top you see because it covers the lower part of the hedge.
  7. When pruning, carefully go to the inside of the hedge and cut about 1/3 off the dead branches inside. If you do not do this, it could become unhealthy. Like humans, it does not only need external but also internal care.
  8. If you want a guide in pruning the width and height of your hedge, get a string, wooden stakes and pruners. Just put the stakes around your hedges and tie strings to hold them standing together as a guide. Put strings on top of the hedges, connecting again by the stakes. Then trim on the areas that are outside of the boundary you have set it in. Trim the sides and the top after you have fixed the inside of the hedge.

Maintaining a dense hedge requires proper techniques and care. Do not forget to water your hedges and make sure that they are places that can be reached by enough sunlight. Again, the outer appearance of your hedge can be beautiful but you have to make sure that the insides are kept healthy to make it last long.


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