How To Maintain a Yard Edger

A yard edger trims grass cleanly and creates a sharp edge to a yard.  A yard edger is used to clear pathways, make a distinct shape to the grass, and trim down overgrown grass.  The proper functioning of a yard edger depends on its care and maintenance.  Here is how to maintain a yard edger to keep it running longer and better.

  1. Use your yard edger properly.  When using the yard edger, hold it at the two handles and never at its other parts.  Use it to trim grass and refrain from pressing the yard edger against dirt or concrete.  Read its manual to know about specific care instructions, and keep this manual for future reference.
  2. Gas your yard edger.  A yard edger may be electric or gas powered.  A gas powered yard edger needs to have gas to run.  Check the level of the gas and refill when necessary.
  3. Lubricate your yard edger.  A gas-powered yard edger needs to be lubricated by oil mixed with gasoline that is placed into the crank case.  Use oil that is specifically used with two cycle engines.  Mix a small amount of the oil to the gas; the recommended ratio is 1 part oil to 50 parts gasoline.  Lubricate the yard edger’s shaft using lithium grease.
  4. Maintain the blade.  The blade of the yard edger acquires damage through constant use.  Inspect the blade.  When it has become corroded, buy a replacement blade.  To replace the blade, use a wrench that is appropriate to the locknut’s size.  Hold the worn out blade with a screwdriver when you are unscrewing it.   Place the new blade and screw the locknut securely.  To make the blade work more efficiently, adjust the blade depth.  Adjust the blade depth by loosening the nut that holds the blade.   Adjust the guide wheel and secure the blade with the nut.
  5. Maintain the spark plugs.  Check the status of the spark plugs by removing the spark plug boot using a socket wrench.  Replace the spark plugs when they show signs of damage.  Replace the damaged spark plugs by screwing the new ones into position.  Be careful not to screw them too tightly or you might damage them.
  6. Maintain the air filter.  Check the status of the air filter by unscrewing the cover.  Clean the air filter with lukewarm water and mild soap.  If the air filter is very dirty or has become damaged, replace the air filter with a new one.
  7. Store your yard edger properly.  If your yard edger is gas-powered, add a fuel stabilizer into the gas to prevent it from thickening and becoming messy.  Gas that has gummed up ruins the interior of the yard edger and stops the yard edger from functioning.  Store your yard edger in a safe place.  Keep your yard edger away from extreme temperatures, moist, and fire.

When using a yard edger, always wear protective attire such as safety glasses, gloves, boots, a long-sleeved shirt, and pants.  Debris may fly out from the yard edger, thus it is important to protect your skin and eyes.  Always check the status of your yard edger to notice whether it needs repair.  If the yard edger has become damaged beyond repair, stop using it and buy a new one.


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