How To Maintain Teak Furniture

Teak is a kind of wood often used in making outdoor furniture. This is because it can withstand the elements and all types of weather. It is relatively rare and is often considered a "status symbol" because it is somewhat expensive compared to other types of wood. It is very durable and has been known to be in perfect condition even after several decades of exposure to the elements. Teak is used to make benches, tables, chairs and many other types of furniture. It is also used to make boats because it's a kind of wood that is very water-resistant.

It is very good to invest in this type of furniture because it is very eco-friendly and it can be left outdoors all year round. Another ideal aspect of using this type of furniture is that it isn't high maintenance. It requires virtually no upkeep or restoration. But despite all this, no piece of furniture stays in perfect condition forever, so here are some suggestions on how to maintain the durability of your teak furniture for even a longer period of time. 

  1. Over time, prolonged sun exposure causes teak furniture to become gray in color. This is in no way indicative of a change in the quality of the wood. It is merely a change in the appearance of the piece of teak furniture. To maintain the natural honey color or to darken the color of your teak furniture, it is recommended that you use a teak sealer. Teak sealers provides UV protection and it contains fungicide. Fungicide protects teak furniture from mold and mildew. 
  2. Teak sealer should be applied after cleaning. It is important to note that sealer is not the same as varnish. It works by preserving the color of the wood while allowing it to breathe. This allows the wood's natural oils to be released. These natural oils protect the wood by making it water-resistant. The need to apply teak sealer constantly is lessened if the wood is darker. This is because it offers more protection from discoloration caused by prolonged sun exposure. 
  3. Using varnish or oils instead of applying sealer is not recommended. This is because varnish doesn't allow the wood's natural oils to rise to the surface. So, the wood is prone to cracking or peeling. Oils cause the wood to develop mold and mildew over time and is very difficult to remove once it has developed.
  4. Before applying a preservative to your teak furniture , let it sit out in the sun for 1-2 weeks. Exposing it to the sun allows the wood grain to open up thus making the preservative more effective once it is applied. Preservative is applied using a rag or washcloth. Two coats of preservative should be applied. Teak furniture that has been coated with preservative is easy to maintain. Only occasional washing using water and soap is needed. To improve stain resistance from substances such as oil, coffee and other condiments, applying a teak clear coat is recommended. 
  5. Cleaning weathered teak is done using a two-part cleaner composed of an acid and a base. An example of a base cleaner is caustic soda or lye. The acid most often used in this type of cleaning is phosphoric acid. The wood must be hosed down thoroughly before application. It is important, also, that you wear gloves and protective goggles when handling these cleaning agents. 

Teak furniture adds beauty to any home and it is really a treasure once you decide to invest in furniture made from this special type of wood. Like anything precious, we must maintain it by handling it with the utmost care. We need to be aware of the needs of all our furniture because it makes up a life by making up a home.


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