How To Make a Barbeque Branding Iron

So, you might want to annoy your friends or send a romantic message to your loved one. Why don’t you do that with a steak? Yes, a steak can now be your paper, showing your message in plain nice letters. How can that be possible? It’s all about the barbecue branding iron. You might have already heard about cattle brands, steak branding or steak iron, and wood branding. These same electric or manual things can be used as barbecue accessories. With barbecue branding iron, you are free to be artistic and have a personalized steak. The trick here is that the iron has embossed designs like letters. This should be heated and pressed on the cattle or beef steak. And then, presto! The design will appear like magic on the steak. Yes, you might think it’s like wood branding. Although the idea is the same, but the usage is far, far different.

Now, you may want to put “I love you” or “Human meat” on the steak for your next steak party. Why don’t you consider buying a barbecue iron? If you’re short on budget, then making your own barbecue branding iron is just easy, though may require some time.

  1. Prepare a strong and heavy steel that can withstand the temperature of a barbecue grill. You will use this to make a barbecue branding iron.
  2. Decide on the design of branding iron you want. Keep it plain and simple so you don’t have to suffer so much on creating a very detailed design. Anyway, as you get more experience in creating a barbecue branding iron, the more you’ll be able to work on complicated designs.
  3. Trace your design on the metal steel sheet. Follow the trace when cutting the design out with oxyacetylene torch. This is the most difficult part of the job and this is usually not advisable to be done by a beginner. You might hurt yourself so it’s better that you hire a professional to do this for you.
  4. Make circle-shaped metal out of the sheet of steel you bought. This will serve as a support for the metal design you did in the previous step. Still use oxyacetylene torch when doing this. Cutting out a circle may be simpler than cutting the design. But still, this might be as dangerous so better leave this to a professional than risk hurting yourself.
  5. Prepare the handle for the barbecue branding iron. Use a pipe for this or another piece of the steel sheet. Just make sure it’s long enough for your safe branding. Also, don’t forget to put a rubber piece to cover the end of the handle. This will protect you from the extreme heat of the grill.
  6. Connect the handle to the back of the design by welding it. Be safe in doing this and use proper protective gear. You may also leave this to the professional if you’re not sure you can do it safely.

Cleaning your barbecue branding iron is very important before you use it for cattle brands, steak branding and even wood branding. Now, you finally have a steak branding or steak iron. Your barbecue will now have an accent with your personalized barbecue branding iron. 


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