How To Make a Bead Curtain

Nothing evokes the groovy and psychedelic mood of the 70’s like a bead curtain. These colorful and whimsical design accents can be used to separate rooms. It can be placed over a doorway, or even a closet, if doors aren’t an option. If you like creating your own pieces and you enjoy stringing beads, this is the perfect project for you! It will entail several hours of stringing thousands of beads.

Here’s how to make your very own bead curtain.

  • Determine where you will hang it. Knowing where you will place the bead curtain will help you decide on the color scheme of the beads you will use. Also, you’ll need to measure the height and floor length of the doorway so you have an idea how long and wide you’ll need to make the curtain.
  • Prepare your materials. You will need a spool of fishing wire and a ton of beads. Go to a fabric store to find some beads. Get interesting pieces, but stay within a color scheme, so don’t get more than three to four colors. You may also find good deals at craft stores. You can also try flea markets. Buy by weight, since you will be stringing a lot. It’s better to have extra than to run out midway through the project. Choose big and long beads to make your life easier so you can fill a line that much faster. If you choose very small beads, you have more work cut out for you.
  • Cut the string. Measure the length of string that you need per strand. Add a few extra inches so you have allowance on the top to tie the string. Complete one string first before you start cutting the rest of the fishing line so you can adjust the other strands as needed.
  • Start threading. This is the most time consuming of the steps. Decide if you want to make a pattern on the strand, or if you want to string the same beads per strand and simply alternate the position of the designs as you hang the beads. Make a knot at the end of the string so that the beads do not fall out as you put each one through the string. When the bottom is secure, start placing your chosen beads on the string. This may take weeks for you to complete depending on how much time you set aside to stringing the beads. When you have reached the top, knot the top of the string but leave about three inches of excess string. Repeat the process until you have enough beaded strands.
  • Place the beaded strands on a pole. It’s easier to secure and move the beaded curtain if you secure it on a stick of wood. Bamboo is a good option. Choose a stick that is approximately two to three inches longer than the doorframe so you have space to secure the stick on the wall. Tie the beaded strands one by one, spacing the strands about an inch apart. When completed, you may secure the curtain on doorway using a small hook on each side.

It’s a simple but time consuming process. When you complete the project, you’ll have an original room accessory that you made yourself. It’s a labor of love that will certainly add drama and interest to any space.


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