How To Make a Bean Bag Neck Pillow

If you want relief from sore, tired shoulders, neck, and muscles, you don’t need to go out and spend a fortune on therapeutic pillows. You can make a therapeutic bean bag neck pillow in a few easy steps.

Here’s what you should do.

  • Gather your materials. Get a pair of long and thick tube socks (hockey socks or a man’s socks would be the perfect length), preferably a pair that you don’t use anymore. Just make sure that they’re clean and don’t have any holes. Then get a bowl of uncooked rice or beans. Smaller-sized beans like pinto beans or navy beans will do well. Just make sure that whatever you use won’t easily fall through the weave of the sock and can withstand moisture without easily going bad. You will also need some lavender or eucalyptus essential oil, a strip of Velcro, a needle and thread, a funnel and a clean cylindrical container or canister.
  • Put the fillings inside the sock. Prop the sock first inside the cylindrical container for support. Get your funnel and start pouring the uncooked rice or dry beans in the sock through the funnel. Hold the sock with one hand for support and to prevent contents from spilling. Fill the sock with rice or beans until it’s about three-quarters full. Or, you can leave at least a 2-inch allowance for the seam.
  • Pour in a few drops of essential oil. Five drops is enough. Lavender and eucalyptus scents are mostly used for relaxation and rejuvenation. And essential oils are very potent scents that can instantly relieve your mood and take away the stress.
  • Sew the seam. With a needle and enough length of thread, sew by hand the opening of the sock. Apply small, fine stitches. Fold the seam for half an inch and sew all over again.
  • Place the first sock into the second sock. Make sure to place it seam end first.
  • Attach the Velcro near the opening. Place the rough part of the Velcro on one side of the inside of the sock’s opening. Then place the other soft part of the Velcro on the opposite side. With a needle and enough length of thread, sew by hand the two parts of Velcro to make them secure. Seal the Velcro.

To use:

  • Place your bean bag neck pillow in the microwave. Set to heat up for a minute or two. When it’s done, mold the bean bag pillow around the back of your shoulders and allow it to rest on your neck. Leave it there until you can feel its relaxing effects.
  • Put your bean bag neck pillow in the freezer for two hours. Use as a cold compress.

Bean bags aren’t definitely only for kids. You can make use of the bean bag concept to make your own therapeutic neck pillow. It’s a simple, homemade remedy that works as well as those expensive store-bought neck pillows.


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