How To Make a Bed Canopy

Remember when you were a kid, and you would always dream of having a bed that was the stuff of fairy tales? More often than not, that bed would probably have a canopy to add flair of whimsy to it. Making a bed canopy is easy, once you know how to do it. Here are some simple steps to add that touch of romance and flair to your bed.

  • Picture the bed. Before anything else, you should visualize what your bed canopy should look like. Make sure that you picture it in the room where the bed is. The bed canopy should fit the overall theme and mood of your bedroom. You don’t want a bed that looks out of place in your room, right? Make sure you take the proper measurements so you will know how much materials you need to buy. Also take into consideration of the climate. A bed in a warm climate should have a canopy that is light, gauzy and airy. It should not make your room hotter. A bed in a cold climate can have a thicker canopy. You can play around with fabrics that are textured and voluminous.
  • Gather your materials. For you to be able to assemble your bed canopy, get a set of curtain rods and curtains. If you wish to lessen costs, you can grab those you have in storage. If you are willing to purchase for your bed canopy, buy curtain rods that are in the same color scheme as your bed posts and headers. You won’t need to buy curtains; you just need several fabrics, hemmed simply. Choose the fabrics that have a nice draping to it. As much as possible, veer away from the stiff cloths and choose the softer, lighter ones.
  • Mount the curtain rods. Assemble a pair behind the headboard, and another behind the bed’s footboard. Using the curtains or cloth you have purchased, hang them on these rods and let them hang gracefully to the ground.
  • Try another design. If you want a more princess-like feel to your bed canopy, you can use hooks and a hula hoop. Attach a medium-sized hook to the ceiling, right in the middle of bed. Take your fabric and hang them from the hook. Light, gauzy fabrics work best for this kind of set-up. You can combine colors to add a splash of brightness to your room. Thread the hoop through the fabric and make a knot to secure it in place.
  • Combine and contrast different materials. One of the best things about making a bed canopy is the fun in creating and combining that perfect look. To add a child-like touch to your daughter’s bed canopy, add pretty ribbons. For a more mature daughter, with a fun, quirky taste, string beads through the curtain rods. You can sew sequins to the edges of the fabric to give it that sparkly feel. If you are more elegant and classic in your tastes, use a light, pure white fabric.

When it comes to creating a canopy for your bed, the possibilities are endless. Just remember to have fun when assembling the canopy, and to always be creative and resourceful.


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