How To Make a Beer Bottle Chandelier

You can make a lot of things with used beer bottles. A beer bottle table, beer bottle Christmas tree, or a beer bottle house is possible. If you want a great addition to your house, a beer bottle chandelier may be great for you. Not only will it help brighten your living room, you can even practice your skills in arranging them. There are a lot of beer bottle chandelier kits available out there, but they may be expensive. If you want to know how to make a beer bottle chandelier, here are the things you need to do.

  • Collect beer bottles. You won’t be able to complete your chandelier without the correct number of bottles. As much as possible, keep the bottles of the same length. You can get bottles of the same brand or color, or make a chandelier out of different colored bottles. You can make a two-tiered or three-tiered chandelier if you want to. The choice will depend on where you plan to place the chandelier and how much head space is available on that particular location.
  • Clean the bottles. Clean each bottle well so you don’t get any problems with smell or possible insect infestation. Use warm water for soaking the bottles. Add mild detergent to loosen the label adhesive. Scrub the exterior of each bottle until all adhesive is gone. Add detergent with water, halfway on each bottle and shake it to clean the inside of the bottle thoroughly. You can sanitize the bottles by placing them in cold water with sanitizer. Dry afterwards by placing them in an upside down position.
  • Prepare the chandelier. You can purchase a chandelier kit especially for beer bottles. You can find one from Tabby. If you don’t have a budget to spare for the kit, you can make one yourself. You can recycle old chandeliers and check which beer bottle fits on it. If you know how to shape and weld metal, you can customize the number of bottles that your chandelier is able to hold. When assembling or making the chandelier, make sure that you have the appropriate space.
  • Prepare the bottles. Get the required number of bottles for the chandelier. Make sure that each bottle fits nicely in the holder so you don’t risk the bottles accidentally breaking when they’re put in place, or accidentally falling out of the chandelier once it’s set up. Make sure that you have a few spare bottles available in case any of the bottles break.
  • Arrange the bottles. Make the bottle arrangements per tier. Do your own experimentation on the setting by imagining the colors that will reflect from the bottles as you add additional lighting. Line up every bottle perfectly. You can glue the pieces in place if you they don’t fit the bottle holders.

Once you finish with completing the chandelier arrangement, mount it carefully from the ceiling. If you bought a chandelier kit, it should come with instructions on how to mount it in place. Add lighting if you want and marvel at your masterpiece afterwards.


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