How To Make a Beer Tap

Making a beer tap is not only a simple project; it is economically smart, not to mention the fun factor your own beer tap brings to your parties.    

It is certainly not a requirement to be mechanically inclined when making a beer tap.  You'll only need a few simple tools, some materials, and a desire to create a beer tap on your own.   

If you do not have access to the tools needed such as a joiner, table saw, chop saw, and lathe, don't worry!  These tools are common and can be rented from most home improvement retailers.  Once you have acquired the necessary tools to begin your beer tap, the only material you need is a square block of wood, pencil, carving tools - and it always helps to keep a sample beer tap handy for reference.   Now that you have in front of you all that you need for your one-of-a-kind beer tap, it is time to get started.   

Making a beer tap begins with your wood. Square up the board using the joiner.  Using the joiner, go back and forth a few times in order to square up your block of wood.  Now that you are admiring your new perfect square, it is time to utilize the table saw.  You need to cut the wood to the width you want your beer tap, making positive you cut all the way through the wood and that it is a very clean cut.  You are getting closer to your own homemade beer tap!  Now, take a chop saw and begin trimming each end, making sure that the ends are as square as possible.        

It is time to use the lathe, and it is recommended you use a tri-square with a 45-degree angle to mark the center on each end.  Tapping your turning spurs into each end will prevent the blocks from rotation, which may result in a less than perfect beer tap.  Tighten the wood and rotate it with your blade rest in place; bring the tool rest in as close as possible to the corners, raising the remainder to the center.   

To ensure your wood will be completely round use your gauge, removing small parts of wood until the wood is a full circle.  Using a sample beer tap, mark the round stock on the sides as you go back to your lathe, and create a bold mark with the pencil while spinning the wood.  The parting tool allows you to make far deeper cuts into your “almost ready for using” tap for beer.  

Making a beer tap that is unique and completely of your design requires the use of carving tools.  And keep in mind, once you are finished, your keg will be in business.

In addition, when those partygoers ask about that beer tap, you can proudly say you made that beer tap with your own two hands.


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