How To Make a Box Pleat Valance

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The first thing you will want to remember when your making a box pleat valance, is keep your fabric and your support well in mind. Without doing this you may have a pleat that is uneven, and may even fall because you don’t have the right support.  You also want to make sure that your fabric can be folded well, you don’t want a fabric that looks disorganized when it folds.  Use cotton or linen, as your fabric and it will look much better in the long run.  There are numerous ways to make a box pleat valance, but there is one way to make it easy and simple without too much trouble.

First thing you will want to do is measure your window for its length and width.  Add a little width to the amount of the rod so you will have some overlap for your curtain rod.  Once you’ve done this guess the length of the valance from top to bottom so that your valance will cover a sixth of the window or even an eighth if you wish to make a larger valance.  After you’ve done this add less than an inch for the seam for the top and bottom hems.

Now you will want to measure the widths.  Your valance will be width wise longer than the window because remember it will fold in pieces. So make sure you calculate enough for the folds.  Once you’ve done that, then you can measure and mark your length.  You may have to cut multiple pieces.  If that is the case don’t worry you can sew them together for the finished product.  Now that you’ve got the measurements done you can make your finished edge.  Dotted lines down the center of your valance is the best way to do this.

You will want to repeat the above process until all your pieces are marked.  Once your pieces are marked begin cutting your fabric. Now that you have all your pieces cut, you will place the pieces together.  For a simple box pleat, you will divide the fabric so that they are even sections.  For a pleat, bring your first pin to meet the second one, and then the third pin to the second.  Now pin both of those folds together in place and repeat until your valance is pleated.

Stitch across about an inch from the edge so that you can make sure your pleats are not going to move.  If you want to go a step further you can add a border to the front.  Make sure you are not taking away from your box valance however.  Sometimes the more simple things are the better they look once you have them up in your windows.


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