How To Make a Button-Tufted Queen Headboard

Having a button-tufted queen headboard is one of the ways to revamp your bedroom. This kind of headboard, however, is a bit expensive. But if you are willing to make a DIY project and have the time, you can make your own button-tufted headboard. This will take some hard work, though. To help you, here is an instructional guideline on how to make a button-tufted queen headboard.

  • Measure the headboard. Two things you need to measure: width and height. For a queen bed, the width is usually 60 inches. Add one inch to the final width measurement. The height of the headboard is completely a personal preference. Have it tall if you see yourself using it to rest your head as you watch TV or read.
  • Decide on a shape. The shape of the headboard is a personal choice as well. The most basic shape is rectangle, but if you want to make the headboard more interesting, you can consider having it with curves or in a completely unusual shape.
  • Buy your materials. For this project, you need buttons, upholstery needle and thread, ¼-inch thick plywood, two-inch thick foam, batting, and a fabric of your choice. The fabric specifically should be chosen with care. It should be thick enough to cover the foam and should match the theme of the room. The plywood and foam should be cut according to the width and height of the headboard. The batting and fabric, on the other hand, should have a 12-inch allowance on all four sides.
  • Drill holes on the plywood. Determine the spots where you want to place the buttons. Then, with a pencil, mark those spots. Use a drill to make small holes on the said spots. The holes should be just the right size to slip the needle through.
  • Make the headboard. Begin by attaching the foam to the plywood. You can use any adhesive material to keep them together. Then, lay the upholstery fabric on a flat surface, face side down. Make sure to smooth out any creases. Put the batting right above the fabric and the padded plywood above the batting. The padded plywood should rest at the center. Next, pull the upholstery fabric and batting over the plywood and staple. Do these on all four sides of the plywood, making sure that the staples have a two-inch distance from each other.
  • Attach the buttons. You should do this using your upholstery needle and thread. First, thread the upholstery needle. Then, slide the needle through the drilled hole all the way to the front, passing the foam, batting, and fabric. There should be a good length of thread remaining on the back. Next, slip a button into the needle. Then, start to slide the needle back into the hole and through the fabric. Do this repeatedly until the button is tightly secure. Further secure the button by stapling and hammering the remaining thread onto the plywood. The same procedure should be done to the other drilled holes.

As soon as you are done with the headboard, you can mount it using the studs on the wall and flush mounts. Attach the button-tufted headboard in the same way you attached your old headboard.


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