How To Make a Cactus Garden

They say that cactus gardens are only for busy people or those who need greenery that has minimal maintenance requirements. It is the perfect type of garden for those who can’t promise to tend their plants on a regular basis. Making a cactus garden is easy to do and affordable too. Moreover, the aesthetic effect it offers is one of a kind.

Here are the steps in making a cactus garden.

  • Plan where your garden spot will be. It is preferable to pick a place that is very similar to their natural environment. That means this place should be dry and full of sunshine. If you live in an area with a dry and warm climate, then you can have your garden outside. On the other hand, if you are living somewhere cold and wet, it is advisable to have your garden indoors.
  • Prepare the dessert-like soil that your cacti need for its optimum growth. If you are making an outdoor garden, choose a place that has proper drainage. Visit your local florist and look for these soil components: gravel, sand, potting soil, peat, good black loam and pulverized charcoal. There are two combinations to choose from. One is combining two parts of potting soil, another two parts for the sand and one part of gravel. The other combination will be quarter parts each of peat, black loam and pulverized charcoal and a half part of sharp sand.
  • Find cacti for your garden. This might entail meticulous research on your part. Find the kinds of cacti that are perfect for surviving the climate you experience on the place where you intend the garden to be. Play with the varieties offered to you. Every cactus type has its unique shape, color and size. Create a beautiful garden by having a variety of it planted in a spot. Mix them up to create a visual feast!
  • Inspect the integrity of the plant’s parts before planting. Be careful when planting in a diseased root. This is very detrimental to the whole garden. You may even have to change the soil if this happens. Don’t worry about your plant not surviving because cacti are natural adapters. They are used to tending to themselves in the coarse environment of the dessert.
  • Decorate your garden after one week. There are cacti that can grow in the presence of limestones. Limestones are great additions in improving the overall look of your garden. Play with some desert stones too. Place it around the plants to achieve a more authentic dessert wilderness look. Scatter some potpourri around to add color and lovely scent for your spot.
  • Don’t water your garden frequently. Too much watering results to higher chances of killing the cacti rather than when you neglect it. Even fertilizers should only be given once a year.

The beauty of the cactus garden may be too alluring and enticing for children. Have the necessary precautionary measures against accidental pricks. Furthermore, always use thick gloves when tending your garden. Cacti thorns can be very painful and may cause wounds when inadvertently touched.


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