How To Make a Casing for a Curtain Rod

Making a casing for a curtain rod involves little more than a few straight seams sewn in the right place.

  • To begin, make sure the curtain itself has been washed so the material has shrunk all that it will. Iron the material to keep it from twisting or wrinkling so you can get the right measurements. Measuring is the most critical part, so do it carefully.
  • If it hasn't been hemmed on the sides, do that now. You won't be able to finish the side hems once the casing is completed, and the raw edges will protrude and ravel with age and laundering.
  • Next, measure the depth of the rod and add at least two inches or more if you want a larger casing. If you want a ruffled look to the top, add another inch to your measurement. The ruffle is not necessary, but it gives a finished look to the window treatment.
  • The most common size lightweight curtain rod is about one inch in depth, so let's say that yours is and that you want a ruffled top. To this measurement of one inch, add two more for the casing and one more for the top ruffle. You can adjust these figures to create the size you prefer, but let's use these figures to explain the process.
  • After the sides have been hemmed, mark or pin the material at four inches from the top at several places from one side to the other. The closer together the marks are, the easier it will be for you to sew the seam evenly.
  • Before you sew this seam, turn the top of the material under once, about a quarter of an inch, and sew a hem with a raw edge. Match this created edge to the marks or pins you made previously and either baste it or pin it in place and press with an iron. When you sew across this, you'll have created the casing proper. If you like what you see, you can stop there or you can continue to make the top ruffle.
  • Press this with an iron so that you have a sharp crease at the top edge, then measure down a half inch. Mark or pin this in several places across the curtain, then sew straight across.

You have now created a custom casing for your curtain rod, and the curtain is already pressed and ready to be hung.


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