How To Make a Ceramic Carousel Animal

The memories of a carousel can take you anywhere – from your childhood to your kid’s younger days. Everyone loves a reminder of his childhood. A handcrafted ceramic carousel animal is a great decorative piece and can also serve as a wonderful gift. Making your own ceramic carousel figurine takes a lot of patience, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll start to love making them.

  • To make your own ceramic carousel animal, you will need the following:  ceramics cleaning tools and texture tools, greenware of your animal choice (be careful to choose something that has an area for the pole to go through), paintbrushes, acrylic paints, ceramic glazes, threads, a piece of wire, underglazes, pencil, a small brass pole, and some nuts.
  • Start by cleaning the purchased greenware. Next, mark the middle part of your greenware. This is usually the spot in between the head and the tail of your ceramic. Using the pointed tip of your cleaning tool, make a small hole at the top of greenware where the pole should be inserted; do the same at the bottom part on where the pole should come out. Inset a straight wire through the holes that you made. This will require a lot of patience but rest be assured that you’re not making an impossible task. After you’ve successfully drilled the tiny holes, tie the thread around the tip of the wire and pull it through the holes. You should now have a thread running through your greenware.
  • Use a small nut (which can be purchased in your local hardware store) tied at one of the ends of your thread as your basis for creating a bigger hole. Keep the nut about the size of the pole that you intend to use. Slowly drill the hole at the base of your greenware to make it wide enough for you to be able to insert the pole. Keep on drilling until you get through the top portion of your greenware. Allot some space as greenwares have shrinking tendencies. Just don’t make it too wide. A few millimeters should be enough.
  • If you’re also going to use ceramics for your base, do the same procedure of drilling a hole to where you want to fix the end of the pole. Apply underglaze to prepare an even tone for your ceramic project. Apply glaze only after you’ve fired your project.
  • The difficult part is actually over. You can now start painting your ceramic animal with the colors that you love. As carousels are intended to attract kids, apply bright colors onto your project. Let the paint dry.
  • Put the pole into the hole you’ve created and mount it into your intended base. Apply generic superglue or glue gun to secure the pole to the base. Carefully apply some glue on top of the holes to seal them off and to make sure that your animal won’t just fall off.
  • You can use an old music box as your base for your animal carousel. Carefully attach your animal onto the rotating mechanism of the music box. Go ahead and make more animal forms to complete your whole carousel.

You can now display your carousel anywhere with pride. Enjoy your miniature carousel!


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