How To Make a Chain Link Fence Electrified

At first thought, you may think that electrifying any fence is done to protect your property or a specific area from outside intrusion. In reality, most people electrify their fences to keep certain elements inside from getting out, namely animals. Dog owners use it to contain their larger breeds should normal chain link fencing be not enough. Ranchers may use electrified fences to keep all their livestock in check. While it may be inhumane to use these for a lot of people, it is truly an effective way to ensure that your animals stay where they should be. Don’t worry, though. The shock any animal will feel once it brushes against a fence that is electrified will be minimal, just enough for it to scoot away from it.

Assuming that you already have a chain link fence installed, you can electrify it by following this simple guide. Technically, it is all a matter of running electrified wire along the fence.

  • Decide where the wire will go. Alright, first things first, you will need to decide and determine the parts of the fence you will want to electrify. Technically, you really don’t need to electrify the entire fence, only those parts that you deem unstable and weak. For instance, if you have a section that can be taken down easily once the animal figures out that he can get free if he puts his full weight on it, then this is definitely a section you should focus on. Another instance would if the animal likes to dig beneath the fence in order to escape. If that is the case, then you will want to install electrifying wire at the bottom sections of the fence.
  • Secure the materials. Technically, this is a simple job requiring simple materials. First off, you will need the wire. Poly tape or wire is the type of wire to use. You can find this at any hardware or electrical supply store. Make sure to measure the area you want to electrify so that you can purchase the right length of wire. While you are at it, you will need insulation, the offset kind specifically designed for chain link fences. There are two types, the one you will need to secure with a nail and a hammer or the one you can clip on. The former is to be used if your fence has wooden posts and the latter for ones with metal posts. Finally, make sure to purchase an energizer, this is the device that will link your wire to the electric current and will serve as the regulator and charger of the wire.
  • Start installing the wire. Start with the insulation first. You will need to attach and secure the offset insulators at the bottom and top of the fence, particularly at the outside part of the fence. Once that is done, run the poly tape or wire along the fence, through the insulators you previously installed. You will need to run two wires, which will be your energized cables. At the end of the wires, you will tie each end of both wires with another wire, which will then be connected to your energizer.

Consult the instructions that came with your energizer device on how to run the wire exactly as it should be. At the end of the installation, turn the power on and set the right voltage for the shock.


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