How To Make a Chandelier Out of Deer Antlers

Deer antler chandeliers are becoming more and more popular these days. For many years, these seemingly inhumane decorative pieces have accented log cabins and vacation houses. However, with the knowledge that a deer naturally shed off their antlers twice a year, the use of these quirky pieces has become ideal even for modern homes.

While antler chandeliers are widely available in lighting fixture stores, making one is actually very easy. To start with, decide on whether you are up for the challenge of going hunting in the woods for your very own antlers or if you will just buy them from stores. Antlers have variety: deer, moose, elk or mule. For beginners, deer are more recommended.

  • Once you’ve decided, gather up your tools:  chandelier wiring kit that can be purchased in your local stores, a handy drill, oil-based soap and polyurethane for coating.
  • Keep the antlers in the approximately same sizes to ensure uniformity throughout your chandelier. Whether you are using your very own hunting prize or purchased antlers, it’s best to clean them with an oil-based soap.
  • Paint a coat of polyurethane to ensure that your chandelier will last longer. If you wish to use more coats than just one, make sure that the antlers are thoroughly dry in between the coatings.
  • Using a hand drill, create a hole at the tip of the antler where you with to install the light bulbs. For a small chandelier, about three to five bulbs are enough, as you do not wish to overpower the art that you are creating.
  • Use a strong wire to connect the antlers at their bases. To achieve the chandelier look, arrange the antlers in a circular and even way. Before soldering the wires together, run the wires that will deliver current to the bulbs. Conceal these wires by keeping them running in between the antlers, and not anywhere visible. Make sure you leave enough wire length at the base of your chandelier to connect to your power source. Install the
  • Your very own chandelier is almost ready. Try to lift the chandelier by holding the base. Make sure that the antlers are securely wired together.
  • To ensure the safety and stability of your antler, consult a professional electrician before mounting your chandelier onto your ceiling. Once approved, you can start thinking of ways on how to install your chandelier.
  • First, check on the weight of your chandelier. Then check the material of your ceiling. If your ceiling is made from concrete, then you don’t have to worry. However, if your ceiling is made from acoustic or chip boards, you might want to check if the board can carry the weight of your chandelier. A professional lighting installer will be able to recommend ceiling supports to be mounted prior to hanging your chandelier.

Your hard work has finally paid off! Your deer antler chandelier is ready to be welcomed in your home. Make sure you invite some friends for a cozy dinner with some good wine to celebrate!


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