How To Make a Charcoal Grill

So you want a charcoal grill, but you don't want to spend all that money? There is a cheaper and more satisfying alternative, and it doesn't take long to build at all. When you decide to build your own charcoal grill, you need to keep three important things in mind: oxygen, heat and fuel. For a charcoal grill, these are the most important items to make it a success. Without all three of these, your grill will never work.

First, you must decide on the perfect spot to build your grill. It is best to find a level area in your yard - one which is not too close or too far from the house. When you find the right spot, begin by marking an area in your grass with spray paint, or by digging the edges up with a shovel. This should be roughly 3 ft x 4 ft, but can be larger if you have a larger grilling grate.

Now that you have the area marked, you are ready to build your charcoal grill. First, dig up the soil about six inches deep in the area you have marked off.

Next, assemble bricks or cinder blocks around the edges.  Start setting these inside the hole, not around it. When you have the first row of blocks above ground level, it is very important to create an area for the oxygen to flow through on both sides. This is important for your grill to work properly. To do this, simply adjust a few blocks on each side so that there is a gap of 3-6 inches for proper air flow. Make sure to push up some soil around the inner and outer edges of the blocks which are in contact with the ground to promote stability.

Once you have built your blocks for your charcoal grill to a height of one to three feet, your charcoal grill is almost complete. The height is not important in the function of your grill; this is simply about comfort.  If the grill is too high, you won't be able to see the grilling surface. Too low, and you will get back pains from bending over the whole time. All you need to do now is add some charcoal to the pit, and put a grilling grate on top of the blocks.

Who would have imagined that making your own charcoal grill could be so simple and satisfying? You can immediately begin to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Smile at your creation, and fire up some dinner. You deserve to celebrate.


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