How To Make a Cheap Bookshelf

A cheap bookshelf can be great a centerpiece for any room, and the greatest thing about this type of furniture is that it does not have to be at all expensive. In fact, it can be dirt cheap. These are great options for people who have little or no furnishings. They are great for students, or kids, and anyone can make these great cheap bookshelves. Here is an example of a bookshelf that has a total cost of less than 10 dollars. Plus there is an added benefit in the fact that these bookshelves are environmentally friendly and made from recycled material.

You will need a few things before starting your project. Get 5 or 6 cardboard boxes, a glue gun, glue sticks, spray paint and some tape.  All these items can be bought at your local Walmart, or hardware store.  You can get boxes from any store, just go in and ask if they have any cardboard boxes. You can also find them outside shopping centers, in garbage bins, or at the grocery store.

  1. Once you have your material, then you want to take a box and close it on all sides except for one.
  2. Tape the bottom end to make it stronger.  Do this for all the boxes you have. 
  3. Then bend the flaps of the side you left open into the box, so that it is sturdier. Do this for all the boxes.
  4. When you have finished preparing the boxes, glue them together, one on top of the other, and a couple on the lateral sides. Make a row of two or three and you can make two or three stacks.
  5. When you have glued every box together, then you want to take your bookshelf outside so you can paint it.
  6. Set the bookshelf on top of newspaper so you don't paint the driveway, or the grass, then take your spray paint and paint the inside of your bookshelf.
  7. Let a layer of paint dry, and then spray it again.
  8. Once the paint looks even and has dried completely on the inside of your bookshelf, start painting the outside. 
  9. Paint one side at a time and let it completely dry.
  10. Paint the bottom of the bookshelf at the very end by turning it over when the other sides are dry.

Once you have finished, you have a new cheap bookshelf and can take it in to enjoy. It is not very sturdy, but it will hold CD's, a few books and, knickknacks. It looks great, and it's much better than setting stuff up in stacks on the floor.


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