How To Make a Composter from a Trash Can

Most old fashioned gardeners had steel drums in the back yard where they would make compost using goat droppings and the sun.  The smell was really bad, and most of these gardeners knew how to decompose the matter without allowing for the growth of bugs or other living organisms.  Modern compost is made from organic foods, but definitely no meat or dairy products, as your compost might become the source of some heavy viruses.

It is really quite simple to learn how to make a composter from a trash can.  You will need a large trash can with a lid.  You can keep this trash can away from your other trash cans, preferably in the back yard because it too will develop a familiar smell of fertilizer.  

  1. Add a shoveful of dirt to the bottom of your trash can composter. 
  2. Fill it up with waste foods like rotted potatoes, spoiled lettuce, egg shells, leftover rice, used tea and coffee grinds and leaves and similar items. 
  3. Never put in meats or dairy products.
  4. You should puncture the trash can's lid with several nail holes.  The object is for the trash to decompose and for the gas that is formed by the decompostion of things like leaves and grass to escape from the compostor.  Actually, you can put holes wherever you want to on your trash can compostor, but you really don't want seepage of the organic matter or the water that you will add to keep your compost wet. 
  5. Don't flood your compost matter.  Add just enough water to make it look moist. 
  6. Keeping your compost trash can in the sun will aid in its decomposing of your trash.
  7. Most gardeners have a large pitch fork in their gardens.  Occasionally putting the pitch fork in the compost and turning it over helps to aerate your fertilizer. 
  8. Your compost will be ready to spread on your garden using a bucket and shovel in about a month.

Learning how to make a composter from a trash can will increase your knowledge of fertilizers and the benefits of using non-chemical fertilizers on your garden plants, especially around your tomatoes and peppers.  You don't want to start with too big of a trash can, as you want to be able to open the lid and turn it over occasionally with your pitch fork.  You also want to be able to access your compost fertilizer easily while wearing gloves, of course.


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