How To Make a Concrete Sink

Why decide to use a concrete sink? There are many reasons. It is a cheap method of building a sink, but it is also very stylish and unique. Lots of people have decided that this type of sink is much more usable and can be personalized in many ways to be truly unique.  There are actually three types of sinks you can install.  You can build a pedestal sink, a vessel sink or an integral sink.

  • The pedestal sink has an antique look to it. In this style the sink is held up by a pedestal or stand, which can either be made of metal, wrought iron, cement, or ceramic. These were the sinks of a hundred years ago. They have a classical, elegant look to them.
  • Vessel sinks are the newer type of sink, where the vessel is placed on top of a counter.  Cement is actually a great option for this type of sink because it gives off a natural, rustic type of finish.
  • The integral sink is the type we are most familiar with, and the one that is fitted into the countertop. It is used both in bathrooms and in kitchens. Having a cement integral sink gives a very stylish and personal touch to a traditional type of sink.

To make your own cement sink, you will need a few things. You will need liquid coloring, a trowel, a mold, and cement.

Select the size of your sink and the style. This will be determined by the place of the sink, and the rest of the decor in the bathroom.  You also need to think of the type of sink you want. Once you have done that, you need to purchase a mold that fits the style you want.  This will be made of foam and can be found in construction shops.  Be sure to take the measurements with you to the construction shop when you are buying the mold.

Think of the color you want your sink to be, and buy the liquid coloring that will give you that. When you mix the concrete, you need to mix the coloring into the concrete. When you mix the concrete, you want to add a half gallon of water per every cubic yard. This will make your concrete come out smoothly.

Take your mold and place the concrete inside. then smooth it out with a trowel. Let the concrete harden. When your sink dries completely you are ready to install it.


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