How To Make a Cornice Valance

Going home to a house that is well decorated and new to your eyes can be refreshing after a day’s work. If you think your house’s interior is a little bit boring, then why not change something so that your home will have a newer look?

If you just rely on simple window blinds in decorating your windows then better change them. There is another way to make your windows even better looking. Try putting a valance and cornice to have a little bit of edge to your decorations.

A valance is a short curtain that covers only the top portion of the window. The main function of the valance is to cover the window drapery hardware. If you think making a valance is difficult and time consuming then you are wrong. Here are the steps on how to make a cornice valance to make your home more pleasing and attractive.

  • Prepare the following materials and equipment. In making a valance you will need plywood that is not so heavy or thick. A lightweight type will do. In making a cornice box you will need glue to attach the plywood. Staples and a staple gun will be needed when you attach the fabric and batting on the box. Drill, window hardware, screwdriver and screws will be the other equipment and materials needed.
  • Take measurements. Take measurements across the window both outside and inside. Measure how long the valance will go. Usually the length of the cornice is about two to three inches from the top window.
  • Cut the plywood according to the measurement. Cut the plywood according to the measurement you have made and glue the pieces together creating a cornice box. Wait for the glue to dry before continuing with the next step.
  • Put the fabric and batting on the box. Measure the fabric and cut it and the batting. Wrap the batting on the wood and staple it into the sides of the cornice box. Staple the fabric on the top part of the box. Pull the fabric to have an even distribution of fabric when you staple it into the box. Fold the end of the fabric inside the box where the front and side of the cornice meet. Staple the fabric inside the cornice.
  • Create holes on the window frame. Once you have attached the fabric and batting, then it is time to drill holes on the outside of the window’s frame and the end part of the box. Make sure to mark first the area that you will drill using a pencil to prevent any errors. Attach them together using a screwdriver. Raise the hardware so that you can hang the box into it using screws.

In choosing the valances for your windows make sure that the color and design complements that of the entire design or decoration of your house. Ask for help if you are not used to using drills and other equipment to prevent errors and accidents. A lightweight plywood will be good to use in making the cornice box since it will be strong enough but not heavy.


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