How To Make a Curtain Pole

The right curtains or window treatments really brighten up and make a home seem warmer, more stylish, and friendlier. Window treatments add the finished touch to any room in the home. One very important aspect of the right window treatment is the curtain pole. You can find unusual curtain poles, which you can buy, or you can also make an inexpensive curtain pole and add your own personal touch. There are several ways of making your own curtain pole.

The first thing you want to do is measure the window where you are going to hang the curtain. You need to know how long you need the pole to be, so you should measure the length of the window. Decide whether any part of the curtain pole is going to show, or whether you want to hide the curtain pole from view. If you don't expect to have the pole show at all then you can use a very inexpensive curtain pole.

You want the curtain pole to be made of metal, or wood, although there are also some other materials you can use, so be creative. Just make sure it is very sturdy and can hold the weight of the curtains.

When you want to make a really inexpensive curtain pole then you want to head over to your hardware store and get a thick wood dowel.  It does not have to be the length you need for your curtain pole, because you can have it cut down to the right size.  When you have sized it to the length you need, then you can hang it on brackets.

Another great idea when making a curtain pole is to use scrap pieces of wrought iron. You can cut these to the length you want and then hang them on brackets to get a real custom finish.

You can also use recycled items to create your curtain pole Use the handle of a rake or a broom. Just paint it, or stain it, before hanging the curtains you want. This is the really environmentally friendly way of making a curtain pole. You recycle materials and save a great deal of money.

Look online or in magazines for great curtain pole ideas. You will be amazed at the number of items you can use to get the job done. But more importantly these items will give your curtains a unique style, they will have your own personal touch and everyone will love the new look.


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