How To Make a Cushioned Ottoman

Having a cushioned ottoman makes relaxing and watching TV that much more enjoyable. But have you see the prices of these lately? They can be very expensive, but the worst part is that they are not made very well and the fabric does not usually match your decor. There is an easy way to solve this problem; that is by making your own ottoman. You will need a few basic tools and you can even decide to recover an ottoman that you already have.

You will need fabric, a 3 to 4 inch foam square, quilting batting, heavy plywood, screws, hinges, and brackets, and a staple gun with staples.

First you need to think about the size you want the ottoman to be. So if you want a 2 ft cube you want to make it hollow so that you can store stuff inside. These make great storage options, so don't waste the space.

Cut the board to four 2 ft square parts, then use a small piece of wood on the inside of each corner and screw the sides to that inner piece of wood. If this sounds too complicated, you can also purchase L-shaped brackets and use screws to set in place.

Once you have a four-sided cube with no bottom or top, you want to measure the bottom and top to get the size panel you will need for both. Then cut these out of the plywood.  The top side you will mount using hinges, so you can open and close it, but the bottom can be installed using screws.

You can either use fabric in the bottom or use paint or stain. Then cut the foam square until it is 1/4 inch larger on all sides than the plywood top.
Take the quilt batting and place it on top of the foam. This will make the top extremely soft. Take the fabric and cut it about 5 inches wider than the top of the ottoman on all sides. Then take the staple gun and evenly staple one side of the underside of the lid. Then go over to the other side and pull the fabric tightly and staple the other side. Make sure you staple one side horizontally, then staple the other undersides.

If you don't want to see the staples on the underside of the ottoman, you can take a piece of cardboard and glue it to the underside so the fabric and staples do not show.  You could also glue ribbon down, just where the staples are, so they don't show through.


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