How To Make a Custom Seat for a Barstool

Barstools are only as comfortable as the seats that come with them. There are a number of bar stools today that come with cushions in the seat, to make it even more comfortable for the people who are sitting and using the barstool. Sometimes, however, the cushion that comes with your barstool may not be soft enough or comfortable enough for you. Or, your old barstool cushions may already be damaged and in need of replacement. In this case, follow these simple steps to replacing and creating your very own customized barstool seat.

  • Remove the cushion. First of all, you need to remove the cushions that come with the barstool. The cushions are usually stapled into place, using large staples that can cut across wood. To remove the staples, you will need to take a knife and use the sharp edge to pull out the staples. Do this until all of the staples have been removed. Make sure that you dispose of the staples properly, and that you do not leave these lying around on the ground where people can step on them. Also, you can keep the batting that covers the foam, if you want to reuse it later.
  • Cut the cushion. Next, take the type of cushion that you would like to use for the barstool set. Remember that there are many types of cushions, some of which are designed to last longer than others. There are also some ergonomically designed foaming that will fit the contours of your body when you sit on them. These may be more comfortable, and you should consider using these. Keep in mind, however, that high quality foam materials are a bit more expensive. After you have selected the foam that you want to use, use a pair of large scissors to cut the foam into shape.
  • Add batting. After you have cut the cushion. It is time to cover it with the batting. The batting is basically the fabric that is used to stick the foam to the barstool. The batting should be large enough to cover the entire surface of the cushion and with some edges left where you can staple the batting to the barstool seat. Make sure that you use batting made from tough materials such as canvas or denim. These may not be very soft fabrics, but remember that you will still cover the barstool seat later on. Use a staple gun to attach the cushion to the seat. The staples should be distributed at intervals of one inch, or half an inch.
  • Add the cover. After you have added the cushion into the barstool, take the fabric cover and use it to cover the entire surface of the barstool seat. Make sure that the edges of the fabric cover are able to reach the bottom of the chair. You will staple the fabric at the bottom part of the chair, so that the staple marks are invisible.

With these steps, you should be able to easily make your very own customized barstool seats. Repeat the same procedures for all of the barstools that you have at home. Make sure that you choose cover fabrics that are soft and comfortable, but which are sturdy and not easily stained.


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