How To Make a Decorative Home Fountain

Creating a decorative home fountain is easy. Based on your creativity, there really is no limit to the design. It requires 5 simple parts:

The Reservoir

This is the bowl where the water will be pooled. The reservoir can be anything as long as it is waterproof. Commercial reservoirs can be found in glass, ceramic, marble, sealed Terra Cotta pots, or plastic. You, however, can use whatever works to create a decorative home fountain.

The Pump

This is the return cycle power source. The pump will suck up the water from the Reservoir and deliver it to the top of the Fountain Piece. The water will cascade down the fountain and pool into the Reservoir.

The Tubing

The Tubing is the "pipe" that is attached to the pump that delivers the water to the top of the fountain. This will be a flexible plastic or rubber tube.

The Fountain Piece

The Fountain Piece is the tall extension that allows the water to trickle down into the Reservoir. This is the part that will create the ripple sound effect. Your tubing will run up, through or behind this piece.

The Accessories

The accessories are what you add to give your fountain a personal touch. For example, you can add lights, colored glass, or a fogging system. The choices are unlimited.

Once all the pieces have been gathered, it's time to put your decorative home fountain together.

  1. Place the pump in the Reservoir. Secure the pump to the bottom of the bowl to prevent it from floating. Attaching it to a brick or covering it with stones are a few common methods.
  2. If you are using an electric pump, you will need to decide what to do with the power cord. The cord could be run through the Reservoir by drilling a hole through the side and then sealing it with sealant. You can also hang the cord over the side of the Reservoir.
  3. The Tubing will now need to be run up through the Fountain Piece. You will have to drill a hole at the top of the Fountain piece to run the tube up and inside, in order to deliver the water. A carbide drill is best for ceramics or glass.
  4. Apply sealant to secure and seal the tube.
  5. Run the tubing up and just slightly above the Fountain Piece so the pumped water will completely clear the hole and roll down the Fountain Piece, rather than back down into the hole. Secure the tubing with sealant at the top and bottom of fountain.
  6. Allow sealant to dry. Follow manufacturers drying times.
  7. When dry, add accessories to your decorative home fountain. Fill reservoir with water.

Turn on the pump, and enjoy the soothing sounds of falling water.


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