How To Make a Decorative Roller Shade

A roller shade is an ideal substitute for window blinds and curtains and can be placed at any window in your house. Roller shades have a special mechanism that makes it easy for the shade to roll up or down, making it a safer alternative to the traditional blinds. There are different colors and designs that you can choose from when you shop around for roller shades. If you want a truly unique and decorative roller shade, you can buy a plain one in neutral color and add your own design to the roller shade. This can be custom designed to fit each room in the house, according to the tastes of the room owners. Below are tips on what you can do to make a decorative roller shade.

  • Choose a design that will show the personality of the owner of the room. You can search for designs from books and across the web. The complexity of the design will be based on the level of your artistic ability. Once source of inspiration will be the designs included in a kit that teaches children how to paint by numbers. This is applicable for a child’s bedroom.
  • Measure the roller shade when it is fully pulled down all the way down. You have to enlarge the design to fit over the shade, without parts of the design missing or hidden in the rolled portions of the shade.
  • Enlarge your design to the correct height and width on a sheet of tracing paper. You can also do this using a graphics editing application on your computer and printing the design in tiled parts and then putting them together piece by piece.
  • Take down the roller shade and place it flat over a table. Anchor it so that it does not roll up. Clean the shade to get it ready to be painted or decorated. Trace your design over the shade with a pencil.
  • Use acrylic paint or craft paint to color the design. Permanent markers can be used for outlines. You can also use permanent markers in different colors for the smaller parts of the design. Buy permanent markers with different nib sizes to vary the lines that you can draw.
  • You can also use large decals to decorate the roller shade. Look for decals that fit the interior of the room. You can choose to highlight the owner’s favorite things. If the owner is a girl and likes flowers or hearts, look for decals that depict these items. Although decals have sticky backs, it is best that you reinforce this with super glue to ensure that the decals will not peel off due to the rolling up and down of the shades.
  • Ribbons, lace and pieces of fabric can be used as additional decorative touches to the roller shade. Use ribbons to frame the outside of the roller shade or use fabric cut-outs to make interesting patterns and designs. Use fabric glue when you are using fabric décor over roller shades made of fabric. Fabric glue does not harden when it dries. It will remain soft and pliant to allow for the slight stretching of fabrics.

You do not have to spend too much to add a decorative touch to roller shades. You can use scraps of fabrics, ribbons, laces and yarns as well as simple materials that do not cost much. Your resourcefulness and your creativity will guide you in selecting designs and materials that will make the decoration on your roller shade truly unique.


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