How To Make a Deer Antler Lamp

Deer antlers can be made into very nice home decorations. You can simply mount the antlers on the wall above the fireplace, or you can make a lamp out of these antlers. You do not have to kill a deer to get hold of its antler to make into a lamp. Every year, deer shed their antlers to be replaced with new ones. If you are living near a forest where deer are inhabiting, you can find a shed antler. If not, there are stores that carry these antlers and other legal wildlife products. Some people who previously own antlers sell them at garage sales. Be patient in looking where you can get hold of deer antlers. Read on to learn how to make a deer antler lamp.

  • You will need: deer antlers, a lampshade that you can buy at a home improvement store, a lamp socket kit, a light bulb, polyurethane to coat the antler, strings and wires to hold the antlers in place while it is being arranged, an electric drill, and soldering gun and solder to adhere the antlers together.
  • Clean the antlers. Since the deer has shed the antlers you cannot avoid to have dirt and grime and other matter on them. Wash the antlers thoroughly with soap and water, making sure to reach the folds and insides of the antlers. Let it dry.
  • Coat the antlers. Using the polyurethane finish, coat the antlers with this sealant. You can add as many coats as you like, but make sure to let each coat dry before adding on another layer.
  • Arrange the antlers. Arrange the antlers according to the lamp height that you prefer. While working on it, tie the antlers with wire and string to keep the arrangement in place. Make sure that the lamp base does not wobble. It should hold steady.
  • Solder the antlers together. Using a soldering gun and solder, attach the antlers together if you are satisfied with the arrangement that you made. As you finish soldering them together, cut the wire and string that you used to hold the antlers together.
  • Install the lamp socket kit and shade. Drill a hole from the top of the antler and one on the bottom to serve as an exit hole for the wire. Place the lamp socket on top of the antler arrangement and pull the wire until it exits the hole at the bottom. Put the light bulb on the socket. Place the lamp shade on top.

Now that you have made a deer antler lamp, test the lamp by plugging it into the socket. Check if the light bulb is working properly. Place your lamp  in the living room or on your bedside table. Deer antler lamps are not only functional, they are decorative as well. Visitors to your house will not believe that you made it yourself. They will think that you just bought it from an appliance store. if you have mastered the art of making deer antler lamps, you can make several more for every room in your house. Your home will have a log cabin feel with the deer antler lamp and the yellow light emanating from the light bulb. This project is fairly cheaper than if you buy a readymade one in a home store.


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