How To Make a Dining Table Floral Arrangement

A floral arrangement generally requires two things: creativity and taste. Creativity accounts for the unique way you put together your floral pieces. How you mix and match their colors, textures, and types makes your floral arrangement visually appealing and exciting. On the other hand, taste determines whether your floral arrangement can be seen as chic or cheap.

So, if you are aiming to create a dining table floral arrangement, don’t forget your creativity and taste. Whether you are going to have some fresh flowers or some artificial pieces, your dining table floral arrangement needs to look beautiful and well thought out. Here are some pointers for you:

  • Choose your arrangement style. Do you want your floral arrangement to be simple or dramatic?  If you favor simplicity, scour for a modest vase. If you fancy drama, select a swanky container or pot.
  • Decide on your preferred floral variety. Do you go for fresh flowers or for artificial varieties?  Or a combination of both?  Do you wish to have your usual favorites or do you feel like displaying new floral selections?  What about the color combinations?  Do you desire to get complementary hues or do you like to choose striking shades?   What about some greens?  Do you intend to have a bunch of them?
  • Prepare your shopping list. Based on the arrangement style that you have chosen and the floral variety that your have decided on, buy your supplies. Run to a floral shop in your community. You can also check out a nearby Walmart if you need to source a life extender package for your fresh flowers. Meanwhile, if you have to use a bigger vase, container, or pot, or if you wish to see a better selection of artificial flowers, visit your local craft store.
  • Assemble your floral pieces. Check out the proportion of your flowers against the height of your vase. If you are going to arrange some fresh ones and you need to adjust their length, don’t just cut. Place your flowers in your sink. Position their stems under running water and then, use a pair of scissors or clippers to cut them at an angle. See to it that the stems are not cut too short. You can make little cuts until you get the desired length of the stems. Also, be careful, especially if you are cutting out fresh roses. Since roses have thorns, you may end up hurting your fingers. So, check out the thorns particularly when you are pruning the greens.

Before you place your flowers into your vase, fill up your vase with water. Do it just half way. Afterwards, add the life extender into the water. Proceed by mixing the water and the life extender well. See to it that the taller flowers are positioned inside. Then, work out as your flowers become smaller. If you bought some baby’s breath, incorporate them throughout the arrangement. If you have some leaf stems, put them at the back. Don’t let them cover your flowers.

If you have used artificial flowers, it is advisable to add some drops of essential oil. It can lend your artificial flowers some scent of the real ones. Good choices include gardenia and rose oils.


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