How To Make a Disposable Floral Frog

A floral frog is essentially used in a flower arrangement. Since it can firmly hold flowers in place, it can keep your flower arrangement intact. It is normally positioned as a grid on top of a flower vase.

If your budget in your next flower arrangement is limited, consider making a disposable floral frog. It is absolutely cheap and doing it is no sweat. So, here are your instructions:

  • Step 1. Start by getting your container (or vase). Measure the width of its top.
  • Step 2. Bring out your roll of clear tape. Proceed by cutting some strips. Each strip should be at least 3” longer than the actual width of your container’s (or vase’s) top. Note that it is not advisable to use a packing tape. It is basically too large and may not really work out well. On the other hand, a masking tape is unreliable, too. Understand that it doesn’t stick quite well on most containers (or vases). If you need to look for a good alternative, consider using a wrapping tape.
  • Step 3. Continue by hanging the clear tape strips on the right of your working table. See to it that the strips don’t stick together.
  • Step 4. Determine the center of your container’s (or vase’s) opening. Then, mark it properly.
  • Step 5. Get a strip of clear tape. Place it across your container’s (or vase’s) opening. Use your container’s (or vase’s) center as your reference. Keep the strip slightly off from it.
  • Step 6. Hold on the strip of clear tape over your container’s (or vase’s) mouth. Proceed by folding it edges. After that, press the strip towards the side of your container (or vase). See to it that the strip of clear tape is firmly pressed against the side so it can adhere well. By doing so, you also prevent the strip from being wet by water.
  • Step 7. Prepare a second strip of clear tape. Similar to Steps 5 and 6, position it slightly off the center of your container’s (or vase’s) opening. Your goal is to eventually create an open channel right at the middle of your container (or vase) using the strips of clear tape.
  • Step 8. Continue by placing additional strips of clear tape. Allow a space every time a new strip is placed.
  • Step 9. Move your container (or vase). Turn it to 90 degrees. Repeat Steps 5, 6, 7, and 8 so you can eventually create some sort of grid. Again, place your strips of clear tape faintly off the center and then, press their sides down. After that, move to the left and then, to the right.
  • Step 10. Resume by inserting the flowers right into the grid openings that you created for your flower arrangement. Put the flower first at the middle and then, continue by slowly working your way out of the container (or vase).

Cautiously take out your disposable floral frog after you have finished your overall arrangement. If you are bothered by the stickiness left on your container (or vase), remove it by using a window cleaner or a rubbing alcohol. Any of the two allow you to promptly take out anything sticky on your container (or vase).


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