How To Make a Door Wreath for Thin Spaces

Wreaths are fantastic adornments on doors and mantles. You really don’t need a specific occasion or holiday to hang one up. Although, you can probably find tons of ready-made wreaths at your local florist or arts and crafts store, nothing beats something that you made yourself. Now, the steps in making the wreath are pretty simple and do not require you to be an expert florist or designer. However, as state on the title, this wreath you are about to make is for thin spaces, spaces that are not suited for the conventional large wreaths. That said you will want to choose the flowers or ornaments you will use for the wreath properly since you are limited by size. Here are the steps to fashion your own door wreath.

  • Start with the frame. First things first, you will need to have florist wire. Get a nice length and form it into a circle. Attach the ends together. Now, bear in mind that you are limited by size so check out where you will be hanging the wreath to estimate the size of your wreath.
  • Assemble the background flowers. The best background flowers for any wreath are baby’s breath due to its full flowery effect as well as its ability to be bent and intertwined. Yes, the great thing about baby’s breath is that you can easily shape it along the wire in whatever way you like. That said line various stems of baby’s breath along the wire and wrap it around. Now, if you do not want to use a base flower of any kind, you can create the color base of your wreath by wrapping the wire thickly with ribbons or fabric. It is basically up to you.
  • Place your main flowers. Since this is your wreath that will suit your own design, you can use any type of flower you want for as long as its size fits into the space allowed. Remember, your space is limited and laying it out a large amount of tulips along the wreath’s wire may provide you with space problems later. Opt for flowers with smaller buds and blossoms. Make sure to clip the stems in order to properly attach it onto the wreath line. If you are working with plastic or fake flowers, then use those instead. It is the same process anyway. Don’t be afraid to mix and match since you can always start over if the final design does not meet your specifications.
  • Add the accessories. Once the flowers are all along the wreath and your design is up to your standards, it will be time to add the ornaments and accessories. Again, this will depend on what you want. You can add tiny bells, thistle, glitters, and the like to the mix. Or, you can leave it bland. You can add a nice and neat ribbon to complete the design or you can add chimes. It is basically up to you provided that it meets the dimensions of the space provided for it.

Once you are done, hammer a nail onto the door at the desired height and hang the wreath on it. If the wreath is too thick due to the flowers and ornaments you added, simply take it out and reduce its thickness.


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