How To Make a Doorbell

True, many do not realize the importance of some things until you lost it—pretty much like a doorbell. You have not probably realized its worth because it has been there right at the house’s very inception. But once it is lost, you would understand how difficult it would be to accept guests, or get somebody to call from outside the house. If your house does not have a doorbell because it was built before the doorbell was invented, or it is simply broken and you want to have a new one, or you would want install one for your room to keep your siblings from entering without a word, you can make one for yourself. Below are ways how.

  • Get a tin and place two holes in it. To start the project, you would have to get a tin can, or any cylinder or container of almost the same feature as a tin. Just be sure that it is thin enough to enable you to place holes in there. Once you have it, get a screwdriver and place two holes in the tin or the cylinder. You can get anything other than a screwdriver if it could help you better place holes in the tin. Just be sure you have relatively the same size as the screwdriver.
  • Get a battery clip and a battery. Once you have tin, prepare a 9-volt battery clip as well as a 9-volt battery. Then put together the 9-volt battery and the 9-volt battery clip. You also have to prepare a buzzer that will be connected to the 9-volt battery clip. Do this connection by twisting the black wires of the 9-volt battery clip as well as the same black wire that can be seen in the buzzer.
  • Connect the buzzer to the switch. Once you have the buzzer and the battery clip together, prepare now the switch of your doorbell. Connect this switch to the buzzer by getting the red wire of the buzzer and connecting it to the prong of the switch with positive charge. Then get the LED, particularly its positive end and then locate the negative prong of the switch. Connect this positive end to the negative prong.
  • Connect the LED to the battery clip. Do this connection by wiring the battery clip’s red wire to the LED’s other end.
  • Insert the whole thing to the tin or cylinder. To finally finish off your doorbell, once you have all the needed connections, place the entire thing to the tin. When inside, make sure that the led and the switch of the doorbell pop out of the holes you have made in the tin. And then seal the tin.
  • Test and install it. When you have everything set in the tin and you have properly sealed it, test your doorbell. The LED is supposed to light on when switched on, and turns off when switched off. If does not work that way, then there must be something wrong with your connections. Review to make sure everything is in its proper place. Once it is working, then it is ready to be installed.

Making a doorbell can be a lot of fun. If you need to install one in your house to replace an old one or just for your own room, you can gather old stuffs and start making one for yourself.


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