How To Make a Doorknob Coatrack

The cold season is the time when we all get those coats out and use them everyday. If you are 5 in the family, then there would be 5 coats at the end of the day that will be hanged in a coat rack. Good thing if you have enough racks to hold those family coats. A problem arises when visitors came, each having their own coats, or if you or any member of the family uses more than one coat. Whenever you find yourself in need of a coat rack, you can just make one for yourself instead of buying. Below are ways how to make a doorknob coatrack.

  • Choose a wood where the doorknobs will be placed. A doorknob coat rack is just a horizontal piece of wood that bears used or old doorknobs to hold coats. So to start, finalize the kind of wood you will use. It would be best if you have a particular design in mind so you could customize the way your doorknob coatrack looks. Once you have the piece, make sure you smoothen the surface to prevent tiny sharp woods from piercing into the coats. You could spray paint it with any color of your choice to assure a smooth surface. You also have to make sure that the length of your wood suffices to hold the number of doorknobs you wish to place on it.
  • Decide on how many doorknobs will be placed in the wood. If you already have the wood, decide now on how many doorknobs will be placed on it. This depends on the length of the wood you have and the place where the coat rack will be placed. Just be sure that each doorknob has a distance of at least 2 inches to assure the most convenient use of the coat rack.
  • Make a marking to the wood. Get a pencil and draw and straight line in your wood. This line will serve as a marking to where you would place the doorknobs. So make sure you just use pencil or anything that could easily be erased, for you surely do not want it to be visible once you have the finished product. Be sure as well to draw where you want the doorknobs to be placed. Make sure you follow the necessary distance.
  • Use a spindle to hold the doorknobs. Now prepare a spindle and screw it on the place where the doorknobs will be placed. Once it is in place, you can now attach the doorknobs to the spindles through screws and glue gun. Screw the doorknobs to the spindle and then glue it afterwards. Make sure you glue it to the spindle neatly. Excess glue should be removed. You also have to make sure that you glue the doorknobs in an upright position. If you do not have spindles, you can also use any rod that could hold the doorknobs. Once done, you can now place your doorknob coat rack on the wall and use it.

Doorknob coat racks are flexible coat racks. It can suit any type of style, form pre-modern to modern depending on the kind of doorknobs you have. It also saves you a lot of space by just placing it on your wall.


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