How To Make a Down Comforter

Making a down comforter isn't necessarily a difficult job, but it is a job that requires careful planning and management. It also requires space so if you don't have an extra long table, you'll have to clear floor space. Making your own comforter also ensures that you have exactly the colors and patterns you want. Start this project and you'll end up wanting to make curtains, too. Here's how to make your own down comforter.

  1. The first thing to do is measure. Measure the bed you want to use for the comforter. Place the tape where you want the comforter to end and measure how far down you want it to hang. Do this for length and width. Double it and add five inches. Now you'll have enough fabric for both the top and bottom of the comforter. You will also want to buy some thin backing to go in the comforter to help it maintain its shape while in use.
  2. Unless you manage to find a fabric store with extra wide bolts, you will likely not be able to find fabric wide enough to make a down comforter without a little extra cutting and sewing. This is fine. Use one bolt to make the center piece and cut the other in half and pin the pieces together and sew on each side, creating three panels. A down comforter is a large project so don't skimp on the pins. Once you have the back and the front together, pin the backing to the wrong side of the back of the comforter then sew it together.
  3. Now you have a decision to make regarding how you want to sew and stuff the comforter. You can choose to make the comforter in three pockets or just one, like a large pillow. It will hold shape better if you sew it into pockets but the choice is yours. First sew three outside edges together, it will look like a giant pillow case. Then, if you choose to make pockets, use the panel seams as a guide and sew the back and front together. Now turn the comforter right side out.
  4. Now you need to stuff the comforter with the down. The easiest way is to hang the comforter up and fill it from the top. If that isn't possible, just stuff the comforter and then hold it up to shake the filling down. The last step in making the down comforter is to sew the last end up.

That's it, you're done. You've made a down comforter which should last you for years. And you have made it using exactly the material that fits your taste and style.


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