How To Make a Fabric Roller Blind

A roller blind can easily be a nice substitute for curtains. It can be a great addition to any room since it affords you what we want most, privacy. The blind can be cut into any size depending on the coverage area. It can be rolled into the smallest size, barely taking up space inside your windows or doors.

The use of fabrics in roller blinds is very beneficial. Aside from being cheaper in materials, you can make it as colorful, graphic or creative as you want. This is because you have the option of choosing the fabric and changing it whenever you want.

It is not all that hard to create and to put up your own fabric roller blind. The materials are easy to find and it would be more cost effective for you. Just follow the procedures below and in no time you’ll be making it your favorite past time.

  • Prepare the materials. You will need a roller blind kit, available at any utility store. Choose a fabric that complements the room where you’re putting up the blind. You also need to prepare a fabric stiffener. Plastic gloves, bowl with water for stiffening the fabric. Prepare also ruler, pencil, scissors, adhesive or double-sided tape, measuring tape, sewing machine and thread to complete the materials.
  • Set the measurements. Measure the width and length of the windows before you begin. If the windows are wide and large you may want to do two or more blinds. The width of the roller shade is the same as the width of the roller shade inside the kit. To get the length of the roller shade, add 12 inches to the measurement of the window. This is the distance from the top of the window to the window sill.
  • Stiffen the fabric. Pour the fabric stiffener in the bowl of water and submerge the fabric completely. You can also use aerosol sprays to stiffen your fabric. Once fabric has been stiffened, dry it and have it pressed. This will make your fabric more conducive for cutting and measuring.
  • Creating the fabric roller blind. Lay the fabric onto a flat surface with the wrong side facing up. Fold up 1 ½ inches from the short side of the fabric. To create the casing for the dowel, stitch at least 1/8 inches from the raw edge of the fabric. You can choose between having the fabric roll down from the front of the roller or to roll down from behind. Draw a line to mark this and affix a double-sided tape along this line.
  • You can now lay the roller onto the work surface. The pulley mechanism should be on the correct side or the right side of the roller. Pull the covering of the adhesive tape and press the upper edge of the fabric onto the roller. Line up the edge of the fabric along the marked line. This correctly places the fabric onto the roller. Roll the entire fabric around the roller manually.
  • Install the roller mechanism onto the window area. Hang the roller from the brackets and roll the fabric around the roller. Do this several times or until the desired smoothness of the fabric is achieved. This will also test if the fabric roller blind is working properly.

You are now finished with your roller blind. You may do this in several places in your house: Bedroom, living room, lounge, study room, bathroom and even the dining room. Finish the touch with a lovely scallop or turret to add elegance to your roller blind.


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