How To Make a Fence Out of Wood Pallets

Making a fence from wood pallets can be done one of two ways, the easy way and the hard way.  The hard way consists of tearing the pallets apart in order to use the individual pieces to make your fence.  The easy way is much quicker and can serve a very decorative purpose.  Follow the below listed steps to make a fence out of wood pallets.

Your Pallets:

When searching for pallets, it is important to keep in mind that you are going to use these pallets as a fence for a long time, so you need high quality wooden pallets.  On occasion you may find pallets that need a few nails or screws to secure; this is not a problem.  If the wood is rotted or has any mildew whatsoever, though, do not use it.

Digging the Foundation:

You will need to dig a trench in the place where you plan to place your wooden pallets, about a quarter as deep as the pallets.  Here is where the tricky part comes in.  Make certain the bottom of the trench is level. If you are planning to use the fence for a long time, consider using concrete as a means of fortifying the fence.  Simply mix the concrete according to the directions on the bag.  You will not need to fill the entire trench; it only needs to be filled a quarter of the way with concrete.

Placing the Pallets:

Now that you have dug your trench and filled it with concrete, it is time to place your pallets.  Place the first pallet at the beginning of your trench.  The next pallet should go in the opposite direction; alternate placing them with the top and the bottom facing you, so that you can see both the top and bottom of the pallets as a pattern.  This also serves to help the balance of the fence and make it stronger.

Securing Your Wood Fence:

There are many options to secure your new fence. The most popular method is to place two by fours around both of the top and bottom of the wood pallet fence, screwing or nailing them in the middle of every pallet.

You have just built your very own wooden fence using wooden pallets.  You can now decorate the pallets with plants and flowers if you choose, or even give it a nice paint job.  If you are going to paint the pallets, you should give the wooden fence a good sanding down in order to avoid splinters later.  You should also use a protective seal to protect your wooden pallet fence from the elements.


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