How To Make a Fireplace a Focal Point

When you walk into a great living area with a  fireplace or even a bedroom with one, that fireplace should be the first thing people notice. It should represent elegance, warmth, classiness, and beauty, and every fireplace can do this. It is just a matter of making sure the fireplace is usable, fully functional, in repair, and that there are certain items which draw your eye to it.

A fireplace can be the most beautiful and warm part of a room and making it a focal point is fairly easy to do. Fireplaces are usually set in the center of the room and just need to be accentuated.  There are many items on the market that can help you make any fireplace look more beautiful.

The first thing you want to do is fix the fireplace. If it needs to be retouched, cleaned, painted, or if something needs to be repaired then this needs to be done.  Once you have ensured that the fireplace is in excellent repair, you want to make sure the fireplace remains the largest item on that wall. Don't put large furniture next to it, or use large pieces of artwork to overshadow it.

Center your furniture around the fireplace, but not directly in front of it. Then add a few accessories that will make the fireplace stand out.  You can add a simple and elegant rug, a beautiful fireplace screen, a nice log holder and tools to make the area come together. There are many different styles in these types of accessories so you can easily choose items that fit in well together.

You do want to hang artwork over the fireplace, but you don't want it to be overpowering. Just something that will bring the fireplace into focus;  you want a piece that makes the area look even more attractive. Use your sense of style to draw that area of the room out, and make it seem more appealing.  If you like, you can even use bookshelves next to the fireplace to make it seem more elegant and classy. Of course, if your fireplace is modern then you need to use modern design elements to draw it out and make it the focal point of the room.

The point is that every room with a fireplace is incredible and that needs to be shown off with the right furniture; circling the fireplace in the right colors, and adding the right accessories on and near the fireplace will make it all look incredible.


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