How To Make a Flower Arrangement in a Tower Vase

Flowers can brighten up even the dullest of days and make a home seem more vibrant and beautiful. Creating beautiful flower arrangements for your home will create that look of freshness you want. Today we are going to talk about making a flower arrangement in a tower vase.

The tower vase is an elongated vase that sits on tables. It can be used as a centerpiece, in an entryway and just about anywhere. These vases can measure anywhere from 9 to 24 inches. However, arranging flowers in tower vases takes some knowledge of flower arranging and you need to know how to make those flowers stand out.

You will need a few items to learn how to arrange flowers in tower vases. First you will need the flowers you wish to use, then filler foliage or accent flowers, the vase, and scissors or a sharp knife.

To make the flowers last longer in your arrangement you need to cut an inch off the bottom of the stems - but cut at an angle. This way they will absorb water better. You need to keep the stems as long as possible so you only want to cut off an inch or so.

If you have a theme for your arrangement, you must choose your flowers accordingly. Tower vases can be used with a wide variety of flowers from elegant ones, to beautiful wildflowers.  Many people enjoy using roses with tower vases because of the extremely long stems many roses have.

Your first step in the arrangement process is to insert some filler flowers or foliage. Make sure you have filled the vase with water and then arrange the filler flowers throughout the vase. Filler flower can be baby's breath, asters, hyericum berries or many other types of foliage. You are actually giving your flowers a bed to rest in.

Once you have done that, you can add your main flowers and arrange them in the vase. Lift the flowers that have darker or larger petals higher than the others, so you emphasize these flowers. Then, if you need more filler flowers, add these in a way designed to make the flowers look more beautiful.  Finding the right tower vase arrangement is also a matter of playing with the arrangement until you get the look you are after.

Before placing the vase in your home, be sure to cup each of the flowers in your hand and take away dead petals and straighten others. Make sure every flower is securely in the vase and won't fall out.  Be sure to have enough filler flowers so the arrangement looks full and not like you just have a few flowers in there. Place the vase on the table, in an office, the den, or even in a bedroom. Flowers bring a smile to everyone in the family.


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