How To Make a Frame for a Mirror

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Need a decorative frame for that ordinary looking mirror?  Well here’s how you can learn how to make that perfect frame with little to no trouble at all.  All you will need are a few supplies such as goggles, the mirror, the wood you wish to make the frame out of, a light tapping hammer or wood glue, and a lot of patience.  When you have all the supplies, you're ready to get started on perfecting your mirror.

First thing you will want to do is put your goggles on; you don’t want to get any wood shards into your eyes.  Next thing you’ll want to do is make sure you have the design you want in your wood.  Once you’ve got that figured out it will be simple to transfer it onto the wood.  You will want a wood molding that will allow the mirror to sit into the wood with no space left over.  You can get this type of wood from any hardware store in your neighborhood.  At times drawing your design on paper so you don’t forget it is also a good idea.  Now that you have your design slowly begin to form it into the wood.  Make it take the shape you want, and make it to the style you wish.  Remember it’s your mirror and only your imagination can hold you back.

Now that you have your basic design into your wood you will want to take the shape of your mirror into account.  Once you have your basic design shaped into the wood you’re ready to move onwards.  Now, you will want to measure your mirror, make any necessary cuts to the frame that will permit your mirror to fit perfectly within the mold of the frame.  Make sure that you sand down any rough edges.  Now that your frame is fit for your mirror you can either leave the frame as it is with your own design, or you can stain the frame.  Make sure that if you are placing stain upon the frame that you allow it to dry properly before you even attempt to put the mirror into the frame.

Here is where the wood glue or any other adhesive will come into play now that your frame is dry from stain or sanded down all the way.  Place the adhesive on the back of the mirror so that it doesn’t ruin the front of the mirror in case you need to take the frame off for some reason at a later date.  Now gently tap your mirror into place making sure that you do not break the mirror itself.  Make sure there are no gaps what so ever in the wood frame and the mirror.  Make sure that it sits flush against the edges and your mirror will look as if it was professionally framed.  Work easily and take your time and you’ll find that it goes a long way and makes your finished product look even better.


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