How To Make a Garden Arch

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So, you've decided to bypass the ready-made garden arches in stores and try to build your own, huh? Well allow me be the first to tell you that you have made the right decision. Not only is a garden arch easy to construct, but to do it yourself means you get to pick the exact material, size, and the design you want. This step-by-step guide will have you well on your way to building the beautiful arch you've been dreaming of.

People use arches for several things, they don't have to be randomly placed in a garden. They can be built to match a fence and used as an entryway into the backyard, or building a garden arch yourself can be a thoughtful gift for a newly married couple, or even used in a wedding! You can also make an arch to be used indoors, and it can be painted to compliment your walls and furniture. Once you've decided on the purpose for building an arch, it's time to get started!

The first step is to pick the material you want to use to make a garden arch. If you're using wood (which is recommended, some experts suggest pine) you will want to take into consideration its durability, as well as the surrounding landscape. Pick a material that will allow your garden arch to match its surroundings.

Second, you will need to choose an arch design, or if you're feeling ambitious, create your own! Do you want a simple four-post design, or something more intricate, with lattice? There are hundreds of layouts available online, or in do it yourself books and magazines. Again, you will want to choose an arch design that is not only appealing on its own, but one that will fit in with its surroundings as well.

Once you have your materials and design, you can begin building an arch. Make sure to follow your chosen instructions closely, and make accurate measurements so you don't end up with a leaning or unsturdy structure. One expert suggests using galvanized, or rust-proof, nails so that your DIY garden arch won't start to discolor.

When your arch is fully constructed, you can spice it up by painting or decorating it. If it is to be used as a traditional garden arch, you might want to intertwine vines or other long plants throughout the structure. This can have a beautiful effect, and ties the structure into your garden. It will be even better if you can use some plants that are already in your yard.

Some other tips to liven up your garden arch include placing peat moss around the base of it, or weaving white lights throughout the plants and lattice. Some people put balloons or other decorations on their arches for special occasions. The possibilities truly are endless, and when you build an arch yourself, the reward is even greater.


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