How To Make a Garden Candle

Garden candles are lovely accents that create a wonderful outdoor atmosphere for late afternoon or evening.  There are several ways to make a garden candle:

  1. Determine the size of the garden candle you wish to make, such as a table top taper or a free-standing altar-stick type candle with a holder.
  2. Purchase candle wax and wicks from a local arts and craft store and the type of molds that will be needed to shape the candle.
  3. Shop around for candle holders that will be of slightly larger diameter than the candle.

Making A Garden Candle
Generally, if the candle is to be made manually, the wax will need to be melted and the wick inserted as the soon after the wax is drained into the mold.  If the candle is pre-made, there are any number of ways to turn it into a garden candle.  Browse local garage sales for the types of small metal or glass dishes that would double as a candle holder.  This is also a great way to find hurricane lamp shades of glass to fit over the garden candle for a pretty touch.  Be creative about the kinds of candles you purchase for use as a garden candle as well as the candle holders.  A tall cylindrical shaped candle can be easily placed in a Mason jar for a table top garden candle.  Garden candelabra are easy to make by placing mounds of potting soil or sand into clay pots and adding a small metal cap for each candle as the holder. Choose the clay pots in varying sizes for a candelabra effect.

Tall Garden Tapers
In most cases, pre-purchased candles can be found in extra long sizes. These can be fitted into any number of large containers or clay planters. Fill the planter or container with sand.  Insert the long taper and a garden candle is ready to brighten a dark area of the patio. Or, another method is to use a quarter-inch diameter metal prong about a foot long or longer if desired.  Insert the prong a half inch into the large taper at the bottom end.  Place several of these together by simply inserting them directly into the ground.

Garden Candles For A Footpath
If there is a footpath nearby that needs a bit of extra lighting, create pretty garden candles, furnish with a lighted path.  Save small thick glass jars 3 inches in height.  Fill with sand and short candle as desired.  Place about a half dozen along a sidewalk or footpath.  Choose glass jars in pretty colors or contrasting colors with the candles inserted in them.  This can also be useful at the base of tall shrubbery.  The candles are small enough to be lit safely without drying the shrubbery.


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